Does anyone else have this problem?  By the end of the day, sometimes mid day, I’m taking off my ring, my watch, any bracelets I may have.  What is up with that? I tend to get itchy too.  I’ve seen LOTS of little bugs on my desk.  They are of the ant variety however I think they’re something different.  I wonder if I should bring in some vinegar and see if I can catch some.  For today I’ve tried some Lysol disinfecting wipes.

No ducks today.  Marta says not to panic and that sometimes they go away for a while.  She said we might not see them again until the ducks are full-grown.  But just incase I have the duck food.


I bought a cute little dress yesterday  I wore to work today.  I miss Judy and her approval gestures.  I think she would approve.  It’s super comfy and cute.  I did some other “back-to-work” shopping this weekend.  I hope this doesn’t become a trend.  Now that I have someplace to go I might want to buy new stuff.

The weekend was uneventful from what I can remember.  Dinner out, just the two of us Friday and then we went to listen to a couple of performers at Open Mic night under the full moon.


Super moon!

Saturday day, I had to do all my errands, you know the ones I used to do all week-long.  Like the post office, food shopping, dollar store items.  Then ended up going shopping with Zenah.  Saturday night another night out with the BF.  We had plans to meet friends in Tarpon Springs but the day got away from us and we ended up at Macy’s and then like a really late dinner.  See?  It’s bad, shopping shopping shopping.  It’s stuff I need.  Think weight gain from the last time I worked.  I’m not going to stuff myself in old stuff.    I did manage to float in the pool Sunday morning for an hour in between shopping.  I wanted to get a little sun before the big hurricane hit.

Speaking of hurricanes we got nuthin.  That’s not a bad thing. I think inland is getting some heavy rains but here on the coast we’re staying relatively dry.  We had a little rain but not much at all and it didn’t last long.  The kids were disappointed that they had to go to school. Now they’re saying it “might” be trying to reform out in the Gulf..although that’s a stretch.  Crazy stuff.

I found out that the only days that this office I’m working in is closed are Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years.  So this Labor day I can take the day off, without pay of course, or I can work it.  Being a temp has it’s advantages.  I don’t have to follow those PTO rules, I just don’t get paid.  I don’t know what to do yet.  I know at Federated I would typically work the holiday because no one else was in and I’d get stuff done.  Anyway, I’ll see how the week goes.  If the kids are driving me crazy I’m thinking it’s a work day.

I took Tashah car shopping yesterday.  She needed to see what she can get for $4000.  Not a whole lot.  One of the sales people pointed out there are many old people around here that keep their cars and don’t put any miles on them.  But they are usually snatched up right away.  After car shopping we went clothes shopping.  That’s when I got the cute dress  I have on.

So we’ve come full circle.

That’s it…

I’m sorry I seemed to be so much more insightful when I wasn’t working. But I like work.  Go figure.




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