Here’s a burning question…When can I go to Cuba?  Apparently tourists aren’t approved yet.  You have to have a reason to go there.  I have a reason, I want to go.  Shouldn’t that be reason enough?  I was Googling it a few minutes ago and it seems like they might not be ready for an influx of American tourists in the way of accommodations.  Probably all negative hype.  I must go see for myself.  I have no idea why I am so set on being the first tourist to go to Kooba…but I’m ready.

Speaking of “wanting” to do something…you know this full-time working thing might not jive with things I “want” to do.  I mean seriously, I can try some workarounds, like finding a different yoga class, packing a lunch, getting up early, putting on mascara,  I mean I’m even working on Labor Day…ya know?  But if you cut into my weekend jaunts, well I might have to put my foot down and say PART TIME OR BUST… Not particularly what my BF will want to hear… the reduced income would put a damper on those weekend jaunts.  Meanwhile I haven’t gotten any income yet, but we like to spend ahead.  But hey if we can afford them and then I can’t go, what’s the use?  Right?  Well, I’m just projecting things that may or may not happen.  Planning ahead for the worst.

Really though,  I like working more than I thought I would.  A lot more; although it could just be the novelty of it.  But I also like my time.  Free time, that’s something I became familiar with during my unemployment hiatus.   I like my time a lot…a lot.   I need that time for trips up north, I gotta see my mom, and when the BF wants a weekend somewhere, well it’s my duty to go right?  I mean who am I to say NO, let’s not go to New Orleans?  Or tell my blind mother that I can’t come see her in this, these final years.  Or tell Mya I can’t come visit?  What if I miss my boys and need a boy fix?  I mean there is no clerical job worth that heartache.

But I don’t mind being here when I’m here.  It’s just when I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to come in.  What’s wrong with that?  Where is the disconnect?

In other news, I got ONE crown done yesterday.  I was very happy with another white tooth and I can drink water without shooting pain into my head, but not sure I’m going to get out of the ensuing infection.   If it’s infected than that’s more time out of the office to go back to the dentist.  An appointment that should have taken an hour took 2.5 hours yesterday.   I also made an appointment to get one more fixed.  I told the receptionist I work for my teeth. Philip thinks I work for vacations.

I also have doctors (plural) appointments that I set up months ago to have my cholesterol rechecked.  Since it’s so high I do feel like this is a priority.  You can see why the office here might be not so happy with me and these appointments.  Meanwhile  I haven’t gone anywhere (doctors) for MONTHS.  Can I help it the timing is not ideal?  Life…it’s full of choices.

This is supposed to be a vacation weekend…Phil got to leave early today and is home already.  I not only don’t get to leave early, I don’t get the vacation day on Monday.  This is just wrong on so many levels.  I must re-evaluate.

Have a nice weekend.


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  1. You should be able to go to Cuba if you fly from Canada. My aunt is a US citizen living in Canada with a US passport. She has been going there for years.

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