I’m getting busier at work.  Every day I’m learning something new and then as these tasks come in I handle the old and learn something new.  It’s all good EXCEPT I can’t sneak a blog in at the end of the day.  I know, it sucks.

But still liking the job so that’s good.

Got a paycheck – even better; although not much to it.  I’ll start getting caught up though. Maybe by 2075 I’ll get that student load paid off.

Had a crown put on last week, got infected over the holiday weekend ended up with me at the endodontist for an emergency root canal yesterday afternoon.  I was there from 2:45 – 5:30.  Getting me numb was the most painful part.  A cool thing is that I got to watch a movie (part of a movie) while they did their thing.  They put these glasses on me with ear phones and well I watched a part of the movie Sahara.  Crazy right?  I have another tooth that needs a root canal but he said to wait until this first tooth is completely calmed down.  You know getting dental treatments has to be one of the bravest things anyone can go thru.  It’s like war crime torture.  But if I didn’t get it done that hurts too.  The good news is soon I’ll be able to eat on both sides of my mouth…soon.  Maybe by Christmas!

I didn’t have a holiday weekend since I worked Monday and I was on pain pills all weekend so therefore slept.  But I did get out of work early on Monday and Boyfriend surprised me with a few moments at the beach in the rain and then we went to this touristy area called John’s Pass.  Lots of stores.  It is a really cute area.  Other than being drugged up (combatting my tooth pain) it was a very nice afternoon/evening.  This has been a bad week for the kids though.   I haven’t cooked one night since last week.  Oh wait, maybe I made fish one night.  But anyway, every night it’s been bad and tomorrow night is STEELER night!!! HERE WE GO!!!

We’re going to try a Steeler’s bar in Clearwater.  At least maybe try to make it until half time.  The bar is on Clearwater Beach (I think) so that’ll be a plus.  If they start stinking we’ll just go take a walk on the beach.  Although, Jimmy told me today that he expects my FULL support this season. I promised I’d be there in spirit for the Steelers alll season. But I think I might watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers some too.

That’s all for this week.



2 Thoughts on “It’s happening

  1. Scott monahan on September 9, 2015 at 10:08 pm said:

    Tampa buccaneer ? I hope that’s the drug talking…the only bucs you should be cheering for are baseball bucs from your ex home town…


  2. Love that movie. Random thought, but there you have it!

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