I know how to spell liars.  I do.

It was 73 degrees here the other morning.  The news said “you might want the kiddies to take a sweater to school” – Phil and I laughed…but you know what?  It was chilly!

I saw a dead armadillo on the road yesterday.  I’ve never seen one before. They’re big.  Like the size of a groundhog.  Pretty freaky.  I saw the dead armadillo while I was walking on the causeway.  So the good news there is I finally felt good enough to walk and I wore my new fancy shoes.  They are from Ross.  I was prepared to pay $100+ at a fancy walking store but couldn’t find any I like.  I like these, very comfy.  And they were NOT $100 or even close.


Also I slept like a baby last night.  Best I’ve slept in a looonggg time.  I think it was the walk after work.  Tonight I volunteered after work so no walk but I think I’m going to make a really big effort to keep that up.  That good night’s sleep was something.

Homecoming this weekend.  Phil is out with Zenah looking for a dress and getting her hair cut.  Good papa.

I’m tired.  Here are some pictures.


Sunset during my walk – always prettier in person


Ducks still coming around. Still all 10 babies.

Couch time,




One Thought on “What is that?

  1. Great to catch up with you. Your site is FUN TASTIC!!!
    and I really like the theme and layout. Glad you’re still @Florida gal. xo
    P.S. in case you don’t remember me right away, I’ve upscaled my site, and changed my name (from Trudi to wings) xo

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