It’s the end of another workday, and I find myself with some time on my hands.  This new job is very task oriented…like I mean non-stop stuff to log in, count, file, sort.  Fun stuff.  I still don’t mind it.  Today I helped edit a video.  By help I mean I gave input.  I didn’t actually do the editing.  So there was that.  I also got some Hospice aide real mad at me because I gave her the wrong information about a CPR class.  I wanted to cry. I hate being new and not knowing what I’m doing.  Marta figured it out for me (her).  These aides come in and want us to count all their credits so they can renew their license and well first of all I was told not to do it and that we don’t regulate that so they need to do it themselves, but then when they come in everyone waits on them.  Mixed messages I tell you!  But anyway, someday I’ll learn it, if I stay here, which I probably will.  Maybe..

The reason I have time is because I’ve run out of steam for the day.  My brain hurts.  Seriously I have a headache so I’m not starting anything…but this blog.

In other news the temp agency “forgot” to mail last week’s check to me.  Forgot…isn’t that something?

And how bout them Steelers?  I watched it online – streaming thru Fox. It was terrible reception and I swear every time something good happened it stuttered but I got to hear it and see some of it.  Enough to feel like I was half paying attention.  Tampa Bay won too.  Since they NEVER win I was happy to hear that.

Phil and I are going on a date night, meeting his daughter Alyna for dinner.  I guess that sort of counts as date night.  We were supposed to be picking Zenah up after a performance at the Straz (like Heinz Hall) that she was going to with her drama class, but nooooo all these accommodations we made so we could pick her up after and then find out the whole thing got cancelled. I feel bad for the kids that are missing out on the performance.  Stupid Straz Center.  But I got a date night out of it anyway.  Yay for me!

I’m heading to Orlando this weekend to see my Marissa in another play.  She’s one of the busiest people I know. Maybe  THE busiest person I know.  She works full-time at Universal, I think she still waitresses one night a week at one of these performance type places where they have to dance every so often and then is in 2-3 plays a year where they have lots of practices.  This play is running for a month!!  She’s something that girl.  I’m looking forward to seeing her and spending a day in Orlando.  Every time I see those Mickey ears on the highway I get excited like a little kid.  I really need to save money so I can go there at some point.  I mean I live right here, I just need to go…now that I’m working.

I have noticed that being a working girl I am no longer motivated to be very creative (i.e. blog).  When I wasn’t working I was more inspired to try to come up with stuff to say, sometimes even having poignant entries…now, it’s pretty low on the totem pole.  And I can’t think of anything to say. I think that’s sad but I’m hoping it will pass and I’ll get back on the wagon.  On the wagon, off the wagon…whatever. Really what I need to come up with now is a subject.  I need to narrow it down.  We all know the weather is between beautiful and hot. (It was 90 degrees at 9:3o tonight!) Kids are kids, typical kids….I love em, I hate em…they’re kids. Not a whole lot of drama between Phil and I, I love em, I hate em (not really…although sometimes…but no I’d say never hate…so far) I don’t see us going anywhere without each other.  We’re all just settled in.  And now I work…I type, I email, I file, I enter data, I answer phones, I don’t do anything interesting,  I come in at 8:30 and usually on time, and I leave pretty much at 5:00.  The job is a job, nothing exciting but it’s a job…finally, and I don’t hate it.   Still no full-time offer although I’ve been told one is coming.

I do have some weekend trips planned so maybe that can be the blog focus for a while. Orlando, maybe Miami, going to Virginia at the end of October.

In the meantime here’s some pics…


remember the baby ducks


look how big

Weekend activities:


Planting for fall


Mumms…I’m ready 

Homecoming weekend in Palm Harbor.  Is her dress too short? A friend of Tashah’s came to the house to do her hair and makeup.  Good thing they don’t look to me for that.  I say grab a brush, some mascara and out the door.

IMG_0200 zenahhomecoming IMG_0176

This was kinda funny…her friend (she went with a couple of girls) that picked her up was assuring me that they would be home early and home right after the dance blah blah, and here’s me “you’re not going out after?”  Like in a what is wrong with you tone? Who comes home right after?  They did go to Steak and Shake after but were home by 11:00.  A good time was had by all. I think she’s fallen into a “good” crowd. ..knock on wood.





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  1. Ja Nelly on October 8, 2015 at 9:54 am said:

    She was beautiful! The ducks have grown up! You are doing just fine! 🙂

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