I have been trying so hard to find time to blog.  As I write this what is foremost on my mind is my bed, right behind me, calling my name.  So I’ll be brief.

I was offered the job full-time, I countered, they came in even lower than I thought the original offer was (I misunderstood the original), I turned it down.  Apparently I have a higher opinion of me than anyone has had since Thomson Newspaper days.  My current boss is trying to renegotiate on my behalf but we all know how that goes.  Well we all from Point Park.   I said I’ll stay as long as they want as a temp.  My boss said she’ll keep me indefinitely, but again, who knows.  I’m still going, every day.  I don’t mind going, but I’m ready for vacation.  There will be something else. I’m not settling.  I’m just not.

Last night I drove from work to the beach, just to see how long the commute would be.  It’s more stop and go traffic but I made it there in ½ hour.  I know, right?  How many people can say that?  Had I planned better I would have stayed for sunset.  It was a beautiful night, instead I just drove up the coast to home.  The whole trip only took an hour, which is a normal commute anyway.  At least in Pittsburgh.

We decorated for Halloween over the weekend.  Phil came home with Mabel (see below).


She spent a few weeks in my closet before she made her way outside

She joins Marcus who I had in Fair Oaks.

Marcus the Carcus

He glows in the night.


He's not staying

Don’t look too long, you’ll have nightmares.

Phil brought home this scary clown.  I said too scary it’s got to go.  So he put it in Tashah’s room for her to see when she comes home at 3 am.  When she screams in the middle of the night I’m decking him. Closed fist.

I’ve recently learned that salt baths are very good for whatever ails you.  Cheap dollar store salt, a whole lb per tub, soak for 20 minutes, rinse off and voila.  Toxins gone. Mary ann probably already knows this.  And the bath queen (you know who you are) should stock up on salt.  Try it once a week.

Oh wait, and one more thing, I was at the Care Center tonight doing the Reiki and met one of the patients daughter who is a nurse in Connecticut and also a Reiki practitioner.  She said they “hire” Reiki practitioners at her hospital. Like for money.  So how about that idea?  Maybe in 4-5 years it’ll be me.

That’s it I guess.  Looking forward to going to Virginia next week.  Wonder how cold it will be.


2 Thoughts on “Scary Stuff

  1. Ja Nelly on October 14, 2015 at 9:17 am said:

    I like the shorter posts!! I feel that we are now kindred spirits being that you are working and all. I was toooo envious when you weren’t……………..
    Ja Nelly 🙂

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