It’s me, It’s me!  And still got nuthin to say.  I work, I race home, and I race through things so I can go to bed and get up and do it all over.  Tuesday and Thursday evenings I’m still volunteering at hospice things.  Which makes the week even longer but..I’m not really complaining, although it probably sounds like it, I’m just stating facts about why I rarely get to this computer.  My job is a really busy job too.  I have lots and lots of tasks.  No time to blog there.  One thing I’ve started is I listen to WYEP(Pittsburgh station) at work, streaming on my computer.  First of all there is no other radio station like it but it’s also fun to hear the Pittsburgh news and especially the Pittsburgh weather.  Kinda makes me feel very at home, working and listening to Pittsburgh news.  But then I go for walks and/or leave work and it’s 85 and sunny and then I remember, ahhh yes, I don’t live in Pittsburgh.

I have officially turned the job down, have I already shared that?  But they are keeping me until the bitter end, which I’m not sure when that will be.  I’m feeling maybe mid December.  At least that’s what I think will happen.  Then I’ll throw myself back in the volunteer mode and see what happens next.  Something always happens.  Meanwhile I’m projecting here and who knows, I might be there until next June.  Who knows.  I still like everyone and I don’t hate my job so you just never know.

Phil and I have been trying to walk a couple of nights a week.  The air is soo nice, cooler and the sunsets are beautiful. They expanded a beach near us (where we walk) so things are really looking up.

Tomorrow I’m going to my moms.  My one sister and brother will also be there for the weekend.  It’s going to be both fun and busy.

In parting, here’s some pics.  Hope you’re all well.

Phil just loves Halloween:

IMG_0269 IMG_0268


They’re so big!



5 minutes from my house – FIVE minutes. I can and did just run over for a little break. I mean really, how great is that?

Still lovin life. Still lovin Florida,



2 Thoughts on “Just a little bit..

  1. debbie on October 26, 2015 at 9:23 am said:

    Don’t feel to bad about “time” and not enough of it to blog. I haven’t had much of it myself to respond to some of your blogs but I am still enjoying them. Good decision on the job. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Life is to short not to. I listen to WYEP all the time! It’s Dan’s favorite station. I get a lot of great music for my iPod by listening to it. Enjoy your time with your mom and siblings. Tell all I said “Hello”. Things here are doing great. Our place in Conneaut is coming along nicely. We just enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend up there with all the kids and grand babies. Halloween is arriving fast!
    The ducks really have grown!

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