OMG, I’m shaking.  I just unloaded, in email format, on the high school counselor and assistant principal.  I’m soooo pissed.  I mean what is the purpose of a guidance counselor?  Really, what is their purpose? I’m asking. I copied this from the internet:

Today’s school counselors are vital members of the education team. They help all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and career development, ensuring today’s students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

Clearly this doesn’t apply to Palm Harbor University High school.  Well, now I’m pissed.  Our school is failing us and I don’t know what else to do other than to start yelling.  And now I’ve locked myself (okay not literally locked) in the bedroom so I quit yelling about bad grades.   But really they need to help.  They need to step in and HELP, they need to be a vital member of the education team.  OMG I hate parenting.

In other, better news….I had a fun time in Siesta Key with the NA (North Allegheny) girls.  I never realized how much I miss my girl friends until I’m with them. I just love them. I went down on Saturday morning (an hour and half ride), spent all day on the beach with the girls, out to dinner and home on the couch to watch SNL with Stephie (other girls were having fun) and fell asleep during the monologue. Not quite the good time I used to be but I still had fun. I was cracking up over the makeup bags and the jewelry…at the beach.  But ever since I’ve known Jean, since the 8th grade (maybe 7th) she’s worn makeup.  We made such jokes about it when we were seniors in high school driving to Florida during a spring break and she was always full makeup.  I had baggy pants and well a little sparkly shirt, but no makeup and no jewelry for our dinner out Saturday.  Stephie gave me a couple of bracelets.  Stephie said when she was at the beach with college friends another time they never even got showers.  They’re more my people although I would probably still shower.  I hate wearing makeup; although I must say there’s a place around here that was advertising a makeup makeover and I kinda thought about going just for fun, but I think I would look too much like a clown.  Do I wish I had longer eyelashes?  Yes.  But really by now this is what I look like.


Today I became vice president of Level X consulting.  Vice President!! Means as much as my Director title at Point Park.  It means that much “now” but give me time I’ll be making important decisions left and right.  Phil started a business today for “us”.. We were discussing my clients and I said it’s going to be pretty hard to get clients when I’m poolside, but nevertheless if I get one I’ll return the call 🙂  By the way, we have 1000 shares to sell.  We’ll be happy to sell you one or 100.  Get them cheap now before we become really big and have the name of our company on the side of the US Steel building.  Don’t laugh, remember Free Markets?  Remember he worked out of his dining room and asked me to help and I guffawed?  GUFFAWED myself right out of millions?  Well no longer, you want to go into business with me?  I’m in.  Phil’s picking out a website right now.  I could help him.  But maybe I’ll hire someone to do that.  I like delegating.

Well it’s time for Castle.  It’s new tonight.


Lynn Monahan
Vice President
Level X Consulting

Wait shouldn’t I be Senior V.P.?


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  1. Is it too early to start plotting my hostile take over? I’ll take 501 shares.

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