Alas, I’m home.  Only for the day, but still.  It’s like a big heavy sigh of relief, a little slice of heaven.  I slept in until 9.  It’s only 10 now and I’ve already managed to make beds, start laundry, look around upstairs (BIG scary mistake), called Jean and sang happy birthday, followed up with one of Jorden’s teachers, got my info for tonight’s hospice visit, am on the phone with Nationwide Insurance trying to figure out why some consumer agency shows I had an “at fault” accident in 2011. I hate consumer reporting agencies.  But my point is how productive is that, for one hour?  And look at me blogging, while on hold with the insurance company.  Like the multi-task queen I am.  I can’t access my home emails from work, other than thru my phone, and I feel like I get so behind without responding and following up on them.  Don’t they know my life is connected to my emails?  Regardless I guess they don’t care.

Today is supposed to be a Level X day as well. I wanted to start thinking of some ways to get organized.  I decided shoe boxes are a good idea for receipts.  You know, then we can decorate the boxes with glitter and stuff.   But that means I need to go buy a pair of shoes.  So my question is: are shoes a legitimate business expense?  I think “yes” and one pair per month since I will need separate shoe boxes for each month.  This month I think I need red shoes.  I’m feeling red.  Next month will probably have to be sparkly shoes so I’m set for the season.

Turns out our new company name might be already taken so we have to wait now….and see…and try another name.  So I can’t really get started on the website as hoped. That’s too bad because I was going to draw a salary from the company for today.  Although that would put us in the red, but isn’t that a good tax thing to LOSE money? Should I just take the money from the tree?  I can see I have a lot to read up on.  Hmm, reading, that sounds like a tie with lyming, which goes with pool.  Yep, still a business function I say PAY ME!!  I am already exercising my executive authority.

I’m picking Jorden up after school today.  He asked if we could go to lunch like I did all last year with Zenah.  Except Zenah brought up Red Lobster. I’m like NO, we’re talking drive thru here.  So we settled on Chik fila – which also happens to be where Zenah likes to go ad nauseam, but she is not going today.  She’s too cool now and hangs with her friends after school, conditioning for Lacrosse. She should be unstoppable at Lacrosse this year.  Go Canes!!  (Hurricanes – get it?)

I was/am also hoping to get a walk in with Lori today, although I haven’t told her that because I’m not sure if I have time before the boy pickup.  There’s also a yoga class.  Hmmm, well, in any case, I’m so stupid happy to be home today back to my other old self.  I think I like “this” old-self better than the worker-girl old-self, so better get the company going.  No pressure Philip.  It’s just my happiness in the balance.

And I’m off…

Love and kisses and until yet another time,


3 Thoughts on “Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?

  1. Scott monahan on November 12, 2015 at 10:37 pm said:

    Are you not some sort of employee of jingle corp of America’s? How do you figure on yet another business with Phil? I think you may be over extended, we will have to let you go I’m afraid….

    • Although a devastating blow to the world of jingles where my absence will be felt by frogs everywhere, I will accept your generous severance offer – severance, i.e. payment for me to quit. Have your people call my people, I’m sure we can work something out. Ribbit..

  2. Glad you are enjoying, productively I might add, your day off. Now that was a busy morning! I wonder if this means you had a “day off”? You need to relax by the pool, take a walk or go shopping on a “day off”. So I guess this is a work at home day off or maybe a half day off. Anyway it is a day where YOU do as you please and that’s always a great day!

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