Hey, it’s me.  I find myself with a few moments, watching the clock until 3:00 when I get to go home and the cooking madness begins.  I’m cooking this year for 6.  We’ll have enough food for 26 but that’s the Italian coming out in me.  Yes I know I’m not Italian, but I did give birth to one and so I think the Mangia! Mangia! gene found it’s way to me.  Tonight I’m thinking I’ll make the pies, but on the other hand they are so good when they are right out of the oven.  I don’t know.  I have to keep thinking.  There’s an awful lot of prep work involved with Thanksgiving and I really want to do as much as I can tonight so I can sit with my face in the sun for at least a little tomorrow.  After all I am coming up north for a quick weekend and it just wouldn’t do to look as pale as everyone else.

I’m having a little difficulty in packing as usual.  How cold will I be I wonder.  Someone said, shouldn’t be too bad, highs in the 50’s.  You know here we’re under blankets in the 60’s.  Especially if it rains. I’ll probably have to buy an extra heater to sit in front of.

Last weekend we went to a new Sushi restaurant recommended by someone who I work with then drove into Dunedin to walk around.  I saw two people I know, one at a distance, one got to meet the whole fam.  Another time, we went out to lunch and saw someone from my office.  We went to the Farmers Market in St. Petersburg and another coworker was there.  Don’t you think that’s weird?  Phil works with people and we never see any of them out.  Wait, I take that back, one day at lunch we saw someone.  But anyway, I only work with 7 people and Phil has already met more than ½ of them.  Makes me feel like I know people now.  Remember that post where I said I quit looking for people I know because I don’t know anyone.  Well look at me now.  I know people everywhere!!  Actually my company employs over 1000 people but my “team” is only 7.  Imagine if I get to know all thousand of them!  I’ll be like the mayor.

I came to the realization yesterday that this job has not improved my quality of life at all.  Sort of the opposite.  I’m not yoga-ing, I’m not walking (too dark now), I’m rarely cooking for the fam, one of the kids is not doing well scholastically (not that my presence would help, but it might), I am still volunteering one night a week with the Reiki, but miss all the meetings that are in the daytime.  The other day they called and asked if I could sit with a patient after work who was transitioning (dying), but no, I was at work until 6:30 and I think grocery shopping was next.  I might have been actually crying that day from the stress.  You may say to yourself “what about the money?” well, it’s not improving my life at all.  I still scrape by.  I can’t even afford to come up for Christmas.  So really why am I doing this? It should be improving Phil’s life but I don’t think the money I make (that he is saving) is enough to make a difference. At least not that I know of.

Awareness of my situation is the first step right? Like a Pilgrim wondering the earth trying to figure out life (I know it’s a stretch but I’m trying to make it fit the title)

Yesterday my boss said they would like to make me another offer in January.  They asked if I would stay on as a temp until then and they are hopeful that they could make me a higher offer after January.  I doubt it will be high enough BUT she mentioned that they would consider a job share if I wanted to try working that out.  I believe I asked before about part-time which is what brought that up.  They won’t make the position part-time, but they’ll consider a job share.  Sooo, because we probably will NOT win the lottery by January I think that job share thing might be the ticket.  I could then get the other things back into my life (blogging, yoga, walking, cooking, children, volunteering) and make a couple bucks…just a couple for sure. Although that might just cover gas.  I’m not sure. Maybe something will happen with Level X Consulting, Inc. by then.  I am Vice President after all. I will start noodling it up (I copied that saying from someone, Janice maybe?) It’s just another challenge to figure out.  Who doesn’t like a challenge?  Oh me, that’s right.

I get to see my boys this weekend.  YAY!! My big boy is turning 33 on Sunday– can you imagine?  I had Jimmy when I was 33.  Wasn’t that like yesterday?   I’ll get to hug babies, maybe hang out with a friend or two.  And in 45 minutes I get to go home!!!  So life is good, it does NOT suck.

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving and moderate eating day to all tomorrow.  Just think after this weekend we can start playing Christmas carols and decorating.  Woo hoo!!!


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  1. Ja Nelly on November 29, 2015 at 8:30 pm said:

    Hope you had a great turkey day! Off to Christmas…………

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