I’m blogging.  I am.  Look at me.

Hard to believe next week is Christmas.  I’m not coming up again this year.  Kinda hard to talk/write about without crying (yes still a crybaby) but I will survive.  Airfare just got outta hand.  It’s cheap to get up there but apparently going from Pittsburgh TO Tampa area is a pricey option on Christmas day or thereabouts.  Guess it’s a popular thing to do.  I think there should be two prices.  One for residents and one for tourists.  If you want to go home you can pay the cheap fare.  If you’re going on vacation then pay the tourist rate.  Don’t you think that’s a good idea?

Some mundane new things…I’m using Microsoft 13.  I know, kinda of nerdy to mention but I like it.  I gotta say.  Yes I’m still at my job.  Getting more used to it.  Figure I might as well just accept it.

Philip and I went to New Orleans last weekend.  LOVED it.  We stayed at a great Hotel The Bourbon Orleans in the middle of the French Quarter.   It’s actually a “haunted” spot. But we didn’t see any ghosts, darnnit.  We were one block from crazy Bourbon Street so we could walk up/down that, and we did one night and then I politely asked if we could just take another street back. I mean it’s CRAZY and lots of crazy sh*t everywhere there but also lots of other stuff.  Lots of art, lots of music everywhere, lots of history.  We went on a Plantation Tour to Oak Alley Plantation, went to eat at several different places (I’ve had my fill of shrimp), saw a wedding procession on Bourbon Street, had a famous beignet (eh..) met a couple of Phil’s friends, lovely people, saw the Mississippi River which reminded me a lot of the Ohio River and Pittsburgh and Phil gave me some beads without me having to flash my boobs, well not in public anyway (TMI?).  I learned a lot about the bead thing and the different sizes of beads. It’s a crazy city, well a crazy part of the city anyway.  Actually a lot about the city reminded me of Pittsburgh.  Not the occupants but the views. And we were actually somewhat lucky at the Casino. I think we doubled our money. The weather was beautiful and even “smelled” like vacation.  It’s warm here but it never “smells” like vacation. Not sure what that’s about.  So all in all just such a great time.  It was really hard to acclimate back to work.

Not a whole lot else to report.  You know the life of a working girl is not that exciting. I still like the people I work with, still living with the Bakers, thinking I’ll make cookies this weekend, going to meet Lori for sushi tonight, then to the Mall to Christmas shop.  Plenty of time left.

Some not so good pictures.  The Iphone sucks in the camera category.


The Hotel lobby – complete with carolers in costume – they also wandered the streets and are historians of the area.


Bridge on the Mississippi – doesn’t it look like a bridge in Sewickley or Pittsburgh?


touchdown Jesus, as seen from the door of our Hotel lobby. It’s an old famous church. I “think” maybe St. James? Or maybe an old Convent? Might be called Jackson Square. I don’t know but cool shadow..


This is a person PRETENDING to be a statue. Crazy. Lots of these people and really good poses. There was also a dog pretending to be drunk and passed out. Where’s that picture?


See what I’m saying? Crazy…

Pictures from Oak Alley Plantation.  Just beautiful.!!  They’re not sure how old the trees are – maybe 300 years old?  They’re beautiful.

IMG_0454 IMG_0444 IMG_0443 IMG_0441 IMG_0439

Hope you are all well.



4 Thoughts on “It’s a blog

  1. Scott monahan on December 16, 2015 at 11:22 pm said:

    Nice trip! Makes me wish I could travel around with my girlfriend Janis…oh wait, I can…never mind, but please send money.

  2. Ja Nelly on December 17, 2015 at 1:05 pm said:

    The boyfriend looks like a tourist in that picture! 🙂

  3. Jeff and I went to NOLA in the spring and loved it!

  4. Great place to visit. Maybe a visit north later when the holidays are done will be more relaxing. In the meantime try to get into the WARM holiday spirit and pretend there is snow outside….even though it’s going to be 60* here!!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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