I like stuff.  I’m no longer embarrassed to admit it.  I’ve come to accept it about myself. I know I know when I sold my house and downsized to the 2 bedroom apartment I got rid of stuff, then when I went into the even smaller apartment I got rid of more stuff and was down to the bare minimum.  Well, bare minimum for me.  But I have to admit it was too bare minimum, I was never quite comfortable going down that far.  And yes I know when I moved here with the Bakers I complained about all of his stuff.  And I mean “stuff” – it was overwhelming, I cried.  I thought I was over with the “stuff”. HOWEVER, he loves stuff and I find myself going back to my roots of liking and buying more stuff (but now I buy consciously.)  And here’s why I like the stuff:

Every year at Christmas I pull out my most treasured stuff and I have memories of each and every item.  Phil is right now gluing back together an item Linda Sevin gave me one year at my tea.

Linda Sevin also gave me a Santa blanket which I use every year and tea cups (I don’t pull the tea cups out yet…I have to wait for when I have girly teas again).  I have so many “things” that I have saved from those teas.  Remember the cookie tree?

cookie tree

That was a gift from Jean.  It matches the Christmas dish set we both have.  I use the dishes only on Christmas Eve, although this year I didn’t.  But that was because we had crab legs and well they are messy and I decided I’d use the Pier One dishes that I’ve had for eons.

crab legs

Jorden’s dinner. He can down some crab legs

I also use the wine glasses every year that Liesa Besong brought me – one set of 4 – I think maybe I’ll try and get one more set of 4 this year because they can also be used for water and they’re very pretty.  All of my other dish sets are discontinued so they are priceless .  All of them.  The Pier One, the Christmas Eve and the Christmas day.  All discontinued, but I think I saw those glasses somewhere recently.  Donna and many others gave me those little knife set thingies.  I’ve got a votive candle holder that Cathy Susko gave me eons ago that I still use.


Now I use it on the candle warmer melter thing

A pot holder and beautiful salad tongs from Mary Ann. Sally Maloney bought me this beautiful dish we saw together once at the Hallmark store down by Giant Eagle.  It’s just beautiful.  Whether or not I use it every year I still look at it and remember.

Lisa Becker Devlin made me these adorable stained glass ornaments when she was in her stain glass stage.


Then there’s this tree that I bought from the Dollar Store that one year I decided I wasn’t going to struggle getting that tree out of the basement and putting up all by myself because no one cared and Jimmy threw a fit and came home and put the tree up in the middle of the night.  How can I get rid of this Dollar Store tree when it comes with that memory?


Today would have been “tea” day at my house.  I wonder how many years I did that.  I never wanted stuff when I had those but I loved it all anyway.  I loved it then and I love it now. I love the memories of my girl friends and those days.  I’m so happy to have the stuff that reminds me of them all.


If you zoom in you not only see me in the mirror but all the stuff on the mantle, new stuff, old stuff, everything has a memory


well this is mess, but I recognize some memory stuff here from Suzanne and Katie Sipos. Now that’s going wayyyy back.

And now I have more stuff  that are memories in the making.  I think the boys used to judge how good a present was if it made me cry.  This year the winners are (so far):


Ignore the Ninja Bullet box – it’s the picture in the frame. I just love that girl.


Whaaattt? What’s this? It’s tanzanite. He said it’s a friendship ring reminder. The first friendship ring I got from him was 6 months after I met him, so I guess it was time to remind me that I’m STILL his friend. I LIKE it. I’m glad I’m his friend. It’s a beautiful ring.

This Teavana set from Tashah is beautiful – I didn’t cry but I was a little speechless.  It’s beautiful and it’s so me.


So my boyfriend got me lots of stuff and I must say all stuff I love.  Books that are meaningful, these lantern things that we both love, of course bling that we picked out together, a Ninja bullet thing and a fit bit so we can be health. Alyna got me beautiful jewelry and a dreamcatcher.  It’s amazing in so little a time how well these girls get me.  They even appreciate all my different place settings and now I have one more place setting to add to the mix.  We now have a Christmas Eve option,  a Christmas morning staple and now that I’m cooking Christmas dinner I added a Christmas day setting.  New placemats and napkins (purchased last year) and we will use the good china that is Philips that he’s had since college days.  There is a GREAT story that goes with those dishes, but I won’t publish it on here.  You’ll have to visit to get the story. Wait, here’s a funny story.  I put out some appetizers yesterday and ran out and got these plates that I “thought” belonged to their mother and Alyna said she never saw them before in her life.  HA!  But they’re cute and maybe now that’s a memory to go with them.

Hope everyone had a Christmas filled with stuff.  Enjoy that stuff while you have it and remember where it came from.  Phil and are going to sit out by the pool and read our new books then hoping to catch Star Wars at 4:15.  It’s been a really really lovely Christmas.  Hope yours was too.


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  1. Ja Nelly on January 3, 2016 at 3:40 pm said:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family!!! 🙂

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