Big blog worthy news…my last day of work in this position here at Hospice is Friday, January 29.  I know, WOO HOO and uh-ho, right?  Do I have another job to go to?  Uhh, no.  I know I go back and forth between saying I like where I work and I hate my job which I guess both are true.  I really like the people I work with, the actual facility is a nice place, the duties of the job aren’t bad, I mean I like the tasks, but I just don’t like the “job” or especially the offer they have made me.  I just told my sister this week that I was going to take the job because well why not, I like the people, it’s a job, it’s the only offer I’ve gotten, there’s health benefits and I’m in Florida. But when that offer came it made me sick to my stomach.  I thought about what advice I would tell my boys (or any human being) if either of them called me and said that a job offer was making them teary I would scream at them to run away from that job sooo fast.  So I took my own advice.  I’m testing my own wisdom. I decided to cut my losses (with the support of the best BF ever) and take my chances back out there in the big wide world.  So the good news for anyone looking to move to Florida is there is a job opening here. I will be happy to forward your resume.  Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to afford a condo on the beach with this job but otherwise it’s a great job and it is in Florida!!!.  Does that make me sound crazy?  Well, who cares, everyone who reads this (all 28 of you) already know that about me anyway.  I just know this particular job is not my forever job so with that in mind, I need to move on (as do they) and move on I shall.  Isn’t it exciting?  And you all get to go through it again with me.  All the angst as well as the pedicures, lyming days, maybe even a horseback ride or two before getting that next job.  Oh and most importantly MORE BLOGGING!  YAY!!  If only I had a book idea from this experience.  Then it would make it all worthwhile.  Phil suggested taking a month off before going back.  I wonder if he remembers how long it took me to find this one?  But I’m trusting in something,,,,not sure what, but something is giving me courage.  I remember when I quit PPU and all the promise that was in front of me.  It’s kind of like that each time I quit something, like jumping into the abyss.  Nothing as drastic as when I moved here but I mean ANYTHING can happen; from me getting a great job, to a stinky job, to ending up living with my mom (cause my car’s too little to live in).

One thing that didn’t happen for me this week is I didn’t win the lottery.  But three people did.  I really hate when the media focus on the odds of winning.  Of course the odds are ridiculous but people DO win.  Just ask the three today that woke up and are now multi-millionaires.  Of course we’ll probably never know who they are (if they’re smart).  They (media) also always dwell on all the negative aspects of winning and people who go bankrupt.  But poor people go bankrupt too.  Just think how much fun the lottery winners have BEFORE going bankrupt, ya know?  Life is like a box of chocolates, wait no, life is like a roller coaster (sorry Forrest) – one minute you’re up, then you’re down, then you’re whipping around corners laughing and crying at the same time and then it’s over.

Speaking of over, I am all ready to get immersed in the volunteer aspect of Hospice care again after January 29.  I’ll now be able to attend more classes during my hiatus. If only the volunteer gig paid. But I shall take advantage of my free time and volunteer more.  Probably pick up a lot of afternoon shifts (when the kids are home from school – ha ha!)  My free time might be cutting into Tashah’s free time now too.  We may be competing for a chair by the pool (not much sun by the pool this time of year). I’ll probably acquiesce and let her have the pool chair and head to the beach, with a book. I  feel confident this is a hurdle I’ll be able to deal with.

For now I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks of free time, sleeping in, taking walks in the sun and maybe finishing a book or two, after January 29.  Of course that’s two weeks away.  Anything can happen.


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  1. Something will come your way. In the meantime, relax and enjoy being a “stay at home” mom again. Bake some cookies…I’m sure they all missed that.

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