I’m here.  I gotta be honest.  I’ve been thinking about doing another blog.  Like one with substance, a niche, a subject. Not the ramblings of yours truly.  Not that I can’t do both. My point being is I’m spending an unbelievable amount of time on ONE post on the other blog.  If I even decide to go with it perhaps it’ll get easier as I go but this one here, where I can ramble incessantly, well that’s so much easier.

So playing with that idea (the new blog) AND cleaning my dresser drawers.  That’s what I’m doing with this first week off. This morning I did all my drawers and my side of the closet (which is very small) But it’s amazing.  I love seeing the difference. I only got rid of a small bag to Goodwill but I’ll probably whittle it down here as we go.  I have alot of tshirts.  Some I keep because they’re nostalgic and I really do wear alot of them.  Although I will admit this week that I’ve been wearing the same skort all week and now I’m wearing one of Phil’s shirts.  HA! Well, whatever, it is a good practice. I love my new drawers and I think I’m even going to work on Phil’s – one at a time.  He has ALOT of clothes stuffed into that dresser of his.

Today it’s raining – at least it is now.  I picked the kids up after school for the first time, together in the car.  There was so much arguing that I told them if they were going to be like this then I’m not picking them up…silence…it’s golden. And we didn’t even go through drive-thru..although we did stop at Winn Dixie.  BUT that’s better than McDonalds.  I think.

I also was productive in finding out that my insurance payment was received but I still won’t have my card for 10 days….but I know it’s in the process.  I also found out that my corrected insurance info from last year is being actively worked on…so that’s progress, but still can’t file my taxes.  But still progress.  I have one more call to make about car insurance and then I think I can file all those pesky stupid things away.  Making those calls takes up so much time.

Philip is on his way home, which will take extra long today because of the rain.  Rain down here is like snow up north.  Traffic stops, accidents everywhere. It’s always something. He wants to take me to this different pizza place tonight.  I’m pretty partial to my Fireside Pizza joint but I will give it a try.  I’m that nice.

Tomorrow I go to work work in the morning and then to hospice in the afternoon.  Thus ending my week 1 of semi retirement…again…round 2.  This time I’m more determined to make it last.  NO MORE FULL TIME OFFICE WORK.  I need to say that mantra to myself daily…several times a day.  Say it with me….






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  1. Ja Nelly on February 5, 2016 at 11:43 am said:

    Lucky duck!

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