Do you know how hard it is to pretend to be a writer and be challenged to a Fitbit challenge?  Not to mention that I couldn’t get the app to work until last night and in the process reset and lost a full day of steps, which honestly was probably only like 2000 steps.  Well,,,I was sitting at my computer, minding my own business, looking at blog types of things and got this ping that Emily is 7000 steps ahead of me.  Doesn’t Emily sit all day for her job?  So I had to stop what I was doing, get out of my pjs, put on shoes and see if I could catch up, in the cold (57 degrees). Again, I say HA!  I shall not be beaten! So now I should only be about 5000 steps behind.  I’m waiting to sync.  More on that later.

Does anyone else wonder about all these trackers?  I saw somewhere that some college is making freshman wear them?  Am I alone getting a conspiracy vibe? I will say it makes me a little uneasy.  Not like I have anything to hide but still makes you wonder.  Are advertisers going to take over the world?  Are we really that shallow?  I remember when I worked at Terra Enterprises, before Jimmy, that’s how long ago,,it was at Terra Enterprises where I met the original Jimbo.  That was a fun group of young people. I was 32, the old girl.  Seriously.  It was the original Jimbo who introduced me to my very first March Madness poll, and I won! Little did he know what he was starting.  Anyway, anyway, Terra Enterprises was a commercial real estate company whose business was to put tenants into shopping malls, mainly strip malls.  There was excitement about Robinson building up and I remember back then making a comment about how sickening it was to see all these malls go up.  Not quite the attitude for the business.  Not that I don’t shop in them but there’s just something wrong with store after store selling junk that we inevitably throw out when we realize it’s junk and now where is all that junk? In our oceans?  Like where is it?  Makes me sick.

Wait, I did say just the other day I like “stuff” didn’t I?  Hmmm.

Okay right, this is supposed to be upbeat.  Go Denver!!! (still syncing) – I was happy for Peyton Manning.  And why all the hate about the half time show? I liked it!  I liked it a lot.

The boys are coming in 3-4 days (one in 3 days one in 4 days) – I said February is iffy, BUT here they come.  High on Saturday? 59, and the low is in the 30’s.  Ya know?  That happens like once a year.  John and I came to St. Pete one February many many years ago, and I think it actually snowed that weekend.  I remember trying to walk on the beach and my ears were FREEZING. When Phil brought me for that first Thanksgiving week when I met the kids it was also freezing. Oh well, it’s still Florida, it’ll be warmer than Pittsburgh and there are palm trees, mom(me) and cookies. The weather people down here like to act like they enjoy the break in the weather but this has been going on for a little too long.  I think it’s going to be in the 50’s all week.  Not that it’s the end of the world, but it’s supposed to be around 70.  Ya know?  Do I have to move to the Islands?  Be a snow bird going from Tampa to St. Croix every winter?

Still syncing.  Something must be wrong.  It’s tried 3 times and still says 96 steps.  I hate technology.  I really do.

On that note,


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  1. scott monahan on February 9, 2016 at 12:12 pm said:

    FYI probably hit 90 today. FYI snowbird. signed, brother

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