For Amy and my folding mission:

I was told by my work colleague (and new friend ūüôā ) that my shirt drawer didn’t really look exactly right for the KonMori method but I continued on with the rest of my drawers and I have to say I am very pleased but I don’t think they’re perfect either. ¬†I’m most proud of my underwear drawer but I’m not posting it. I also¬†have to rethink my t-shirt drawer. ¬†It’s already getting unruly:


I gotta fix those jeans on the left hand side (my left your right)

IMG_0191 (3)


IMG_0190 (1)

shorts – better but probably not award-winning

Still a whole lot better than they were.

For Emily and my fitbit walking challenge update:


Alright she beat me, by like a lot. ¬†Like 16000 steps maybe? ¬†And that’s even with me cheating and giving Zenah the wristband to wear to Lacrosse practice one night (she got me 8000+ steps…what? ¬†I’m fessing up). ¬†So Emily¬†has challenged me to another challenge¬†and I have graciously accepted, knowing I have Zenah as my backup plan. ¬†Meanwhile I probably walked 3000 miles this weekend, didn’t wear the fitbit, and the challenge is only “work week” anyway. ¬†It’s just not fair I tell you. ¬†And I’m so tired from walking and running like a nutball all weekend that I’m exhausted and won’t do more than go from computer to couch to dentist today. ¬†I wonder if I can get points for going to the dentist.

For the boys (and girl) visit, so far:

Jimmy has come:


airport pick up


IMG_0175 IMG_0171 IMG_0174

Next Zachary and Rachel came:

IMG_0179 (1) IMG_0132 (1)IMG_0187 (1)

and Jimmy has¬†gone…already:


this is sunRISE. Didn’t know it was pretty too!

I’m sad and exhausted. ¬† Actually I was exhausted yesterday too. ¬†Our only full day of all of us together and I was so tired. ¬†I passed out on the beach. ¬†Not a bad place to pass out. ¬†Today Zach and Rachel are having “their” vacation and I’ll take them to the airport tomorrow. ¬†Unfortunately today’s weather is not very vacation friendly. ¬†Overcast, cloudy and without the sun it gets kinda cold.

After dropping Jimmy at the airport I met Phil for breakfast and by the time I got back to the house Jimmy had landed. ¬†Isn’t that crazy? ¬†Such a quick flight. ¬†I’ve resisted the urge so far to crawl back in bed by downloading pictures and updating the blog but I don’t know, I have a couple more hours before the dentist and well nap time just might win.



4 Thoughts on “After Weekend Updates

  1. Yay! You did it! It’s soon much easier to find stuff this way, isn’t it? I had a full shirt drawer (and only wore the shirts on top) before I vertically stacked. Now 1/3 of the drawer is empty space. My gym clothes needed two drawers before. Now it’s all in one drawer. I have my stuff in (3) rows, front to back. It saved even more space than going side to side, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her method!

  2. Drawer organizing looks interesting. I might give it a try that someday. Nice seeing pictures of the you and your boys. Nice thing about flying to Florida, it is a short flight!

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