First of all I thought it was “dribble” not “drivel” – didn’t you?  Thank heavens I looked up the meaning because I would have been so embarrassed to have used the wrong word on this riveting post. (insert sarcastic emoji)

I posted this family picture last week on my cover page on Facebook.  And then I saw that my profile face covered Rachel – OMG.  How awful was that? Both funny and awful.  I mean one might think it was intentional, but believe me I love that girl (Rachel) – she fits right in to our cray cray family.

cover photo

The visit from the kids was beyond wonderful (Did I talk about this already?) Their visits are much too short and I was running around like a lunatic the whole time but I think they still enjoyed their visits.  Especially Zachary who stayed with his girlfriend at a beachfront resort. What’s not to love there?  Zach thanked me for moving to Florida. I think that’s a good thing (so he can visit.)

IMG_0200 (1)

And now I’ll just look forward to April when we shall meet up again in Pittsburgh while I’m still on my sabbatical.

I’ve been busy, lazy and sick.  I was bragging to Jimmy that I don’t have Kleenex boxes everywhere like we used to (he was looking for them during his visit) because I never get sick and I never get a cold. (he had a bad cold when he got here) Florida is not a place where your nose is always running, or so I boasted.  And then this happened:

IMG_0226 (1)

Okay actually I staged that.  But my point is I’m sick as a dog.  Not the flu but so much stuffiness.  I caught what Phil had.  We blamed it on Jimmy at first but I think Phil got his from work and then shared with me, which is okay because we share everything (right honey?) I’ve had to cancel all my hospice visits.  I did get my nails done today, I guess I don’t care as much if I get them sick.   They kept bringing me cough drops and she told me to go home and rest.  I “feel” okay but I sound awful.

I’m finally on the manicure circuit, after 57 years.  Remember a blog last year where I brought up the age old question….to manicure or not?   I’ve always been a pedicure girl but in the past manicures just weren’t me.  And now they are, since they came up with gel that doesn’t chip. ( as suggested above,riveting subject matter) I did some internet research today on color combos.  They say it’s not “hip” to be matchy matchy so I went with these two colors.  I got a woot woot from Zenah. I guess that’s good.


And that’s enough of that.

Lacrosse season for our girl has started and I’m back to keeping stats.  It’s not easy.  We can’t see the players numbers, I don’t know the rules, by the time I find the little circle bubble to fill out that someone got a ground ball I’ve missed 10 other things.   I need Sally to help me come up with a different method. I think it’s the bubbles that are hard to find on the page, hard to fill in and well, there’s got to be a better way. …and I’m gonna figure it out….dammit…

That’s it.  That’s all I got.  Unless you want to know that I ordered a new Lacrosse t-shirt so I can show my team spirit (I’m such a resident now), I need to make an appointment on Thursday to get new tires and new brakes, I have blood work being done on Thursday to check my cholesterol and I need a new purse.  I noticed today my purse handle is frayed.  We can’t have that now can we?  (Right Philip?) Probably should wait until after the brakes. (and no I don’t have 20 other purses in the closet (cough, lie, cough)

That’s it.  So worth the wait, right?




One Thought on “Pure usual

  1. scott monahan on February 29, 2016 at 7:10 pm said:

    thank god I came in from painting my house to read your ‘drivel’. I’m a better person now. wow, and those nails…how can I go back to work after THAT DRIVEL. signed, brother

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