I bought a massage table. I had just come home from a very successful Reiki shift where the patient and family were singing Reiki praises because they were being helped so much with a reduction in pain and anxiety after a Reiki treatment.  So on an impulse, and because I’d received my income tax refund :-), I made the knee jerk decision to buy a table.  I spent quite a bit of time (like 30 minutes) reading reviews of the various tables, saw one for under $100, thought to myself “walk away and think about this tomorrow” and as I started to walk away my hand hit the “buy” key.  And well, here we are with a new Reiki table one week later.  Actually it’s a massage table, but I’m not too sure of the difference.  One table labeled as a “Reiki” table had a piece in the back so that the client could sit up; however all the reviews said that part didn’t work.  So anyway, here’s my Reiki table.

Reiki table

My first taker

I put it up the first day, ok attempted to put up.  I needed Zenah’s help as I couldn’t, and still can’t, put the darn thing up on my own.  Gave both her and her dad a Reiki treatment and then practiced putting it away.  Cussing the whole time.  I was not exuding what I would call Reiki-calm.

But here we are.  I have a table.  I have no extra room in my house to keep it up or store it.  I have no plan to have a business, and even my car is a two door and I wouldn’t be able to take the table anywhere.  Even if I could take the table somewhere I wouldn’t be able to put it up by myself.

So I ask you, was this a reasonable purchase?

I’m going to have to go with “yes”.  I had a very strong impulse that day to buy it.  I’m going with the “if you build it they will come” scenario in my head.  People will come Ray. 

Now, I’ll take a step back and wait with great anticipation to see what happens next.  One step forward, and not necessarily a step backwards but hold/pause and wait and see.

Isn’t it exciting?



One Thought on “Let’s Go Bucs

  1. debbie on March 20, 2016 at 9:39 pm said:

    Well, if for nothing else, you can lay on the table in the sun and get a comfortable tan on you back!!!

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