I guess I should have expected this.  Out of sight out of mind.  I used to have friends but now….crickets.  (and I don’t mean Cricket) I never hear from anybody.  I have no idea what is going on at home. I get it, nobody wants to keep hearing about my mani-pedis. My brother is mad because he had to get off a ladder to read my blog about mani-pedis; but I ask you, did he HAVE to get off the ladder to read my blog?  If it was important would it be in a blog?  Wouldn’t I just call him? Brothers…Well anyway, there is something to be said for having to read constantly about going to the beach, having a great boyfriend, being able to quit my job and find myself, living in a tropical paradise, walking on the beach when up north is still having the occasional snow storm. I get it, it’s boring. But I thought about something recently.

I’m here in Florida, you know, Finally Florida. In Florida almost everyone is from somewhere else.  Down here I’m from Pittsburgh first and then if they are from Pittsburgh I then narrow it down to Sewickley.

Here’s the background.  I grew up in Sewickley.  A couple different houses, but the same “community.”  If you are from Sewickley, or still live in Sewickley, it gets to be important “where” in Sewickley so I’ll break it down: 16 years in Bell Acres, a couple of years on Chadwick Street, then let’s see, an apartment in Shadyside for 6 months, almost 2 years in Miami, Florida (and within those 2 years in Miami I think I lived 4 or 5 places), then back to Chadwick Street (In Sewickley) then Ambridge with Skippy, then with Dennis in Glenfield; then Moon Township, back up to Bell Acres, then back to Ambridge, back to Bell Acres, then to Leetsdale, then up Sycamore (which is either Osborne or Aleppo) then to Fair Oaks for 15 nice long years. Then to Sewickley for a couple of months with Suzanne (or was that Osborne?), then to Moon Township, then to downtown Pittsburgh THEN to Tampa, but here in Tampa I live in Palm Harbor, I don’t actually live “in” Tampa.  I had to do a history of all my residences one time for a government job application.  Holy Moly. I sure have lived alot of places. It gives one pause.

So where am I from?

When I lived in Fair Oaks if asked where I was from I would typically say “Sewickley” but then all the Sewickley people would say “no you’re from Fair Oaks” – but if I would say I’m from Fair Oaks then people would start asking me if I knew so and so and of course I did NOT because I didn’t grow up in Fair Oaks, I grew up in Sewickley, well maybe I grew up in Bell Acres, but I was “up street” in Sewickley an awful lot.  My youngest son spent all of his school years living in Fair Oaks, but would spend much of his life in his father’s house in Osborne/Aleppo.  Where does he say he’s from?  Sewickley.  I wonder where my oldest son, Zachary, says he’s from?  I’ll have to ask him sometime.

I saw someone the other day at Home Depot with a Wexford t-shirt on which caused us to have a conversation when I asked him if he was from Wexford.  He said yes and asked me where I was from.  I told him I’m from Sewickley.  He took my word for it.  No questions asked.

PS – Here’s this week’s nails..


Happy Easter!


4 Thoughts on “Where are you from?

  1. scott monahan on March 24, 2016 at 11:19 pm said:

    I was ok with the WHOLE post…until I had to see the toe nail thing. I’m going back up my ladder!

  2. Happy Easter!

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