Big doins going on down here in the Baker/Monahan household. When I pack to come up for a weekend I over pack.  Well imagine how I’m trying to pack for 20 days. I actually think I’m doing pretty good although missing the days of the steamer trunks and of course someone to valet for me (you know, like Downton Abbey).  With any luck I will have shoved a sufficient amount of clothing into my suitcase and will be on my way tomorrow afternoon. I need to pack summer stuff and winter stuff.  I guess what I don’t have I’ll just have to buy. Wait a minute…..Could that be a way to get new stuff?  Because I forgot to pack it??? Hmmmm, I might be onto something.

Let’s see what else.  Oh big news…Zenah has her first official boyfriend.  Scary scary stuff.  I know what “I” was and am like;  i.e. when those boys came into the picture that’s it..there goes any other focus.  Howard (we all remember Howard right?) kept me on the straight and narrow and off of drugs and drinking (for a while) but I don’t remember any attention paid to those studies, darn that Howard.  Zenah throws her heart and soul into everything she does.  So far she’s been able to balance everything but the addition of boys/love that’s a whole new ballgame.  Let the praying start!  (or continue) If I could just detach enough to be happy for her and this new thing… I just don’t want her to change.  Ya know?  Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them (something Judy used to say).

And then the whole boyfriend thing is a little bad timing when I’m giving her my car while I’m away.  So that’s like a couple big things.  BIG thing for me, just handing over my car to a brand new driver, who wrecked it into a building the last time I was in Sewickley. Lot of trust going on here. So now she has wheels AND endorphins.  Goodness.

Here’s something funny and stupid I did this week. I accidentally shredded my debit card, and didn’t figure that out until today, the day before the trip.  I never have cash (for all you would-be robbers) and now no way to get it either.  I’ve ordered another debit card but who knows how long that will take. It’ll have to be mailed to me in Virginia. Phil says I can use the “Suntrust” account which is sort of like a “joint” account except the only thing joint about it is I take from it and never put anything into it.  But that’s the way it should be, right?  Go feminism!!

Tomorrow is my last day in the “office” at hospice (I will continue the volunteering.)  I have realized that I am quite nostalgic (or a cry-baby, whatever.)  So I’m pulling out of the parking lot at noon today, the rest of the staff is going into a quarterly staff meeting (like 300 people staff not just our office staff) anyway, anyway, so they go into the meeting and I pull out of the parking lot while this song is playing on the radio:  As if we never said goodbye. See attachment below. The song is also appropriate because they had my going away party for me back in JANUARY when I quit!  And I’m still there.  Now going away again, as if we never said goodbye (get it?)

So back to the scene/moment, that song is playing and there I am getting a pit in my stomach as I think about driving away while they are starting a new phase without me.  My boss was going to introduce the new “me” at the big staff meeting.  I mean it does give me a little tear as I drive away.  It was my first office job living here in Florida. The first time I’ve felt competent again, in that work world anyway, I made some new Florida friends and so the whole experience is like a big deal in the life of Lynn, finally in Florida.  But of course I’ll be back in that office tomorrow morning and THEN drive away for good…I think…unless they call me back when I get home from vacation.  Who knows. Well anyway, it was a Hallmark movie moment in my mind with the song playing, me driving away, the sun shining and then off to get my nails done. And cut…

Speaking of nails, I know my brother waits for this part, here’s the “going to Virginia” look:


Ready for digging in the dirt (planting time)



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