I am tired.  I’d like to blame it on all the yard work, digging in the dirt and house keeping that I’ve been doing while here but seriously I think it’s just all the fresh air that my body is not used to because I haven’t done any yard work or digging in the dirt.  We haven’t gotten to any of the cleaning that I was hoping to do.  First of all she’s been keeping up with it really well but I had thought I’d take one room a day and scrub from top to bottom kind of cleaning.  And so far, nada.  I dusted a little bit down stairs but no spring cleaning for me.  Basically we’ve been entertaining.  I guess that can make me tired too.  We had Norie the other day and today we had the neighbors.  My table was a little prettier today only because today was a green salad (more color.) With Norie it was just tea sandwiches (and green asparagus soup) but anyway, so I’m not sure if one gets over tired from entertaining for a few days?  I guess it’s possible.  Even if it is just one or two people at a time.  Although I cook on a regular basis for at least 4.  Hmmmmm…It’s gotta be the fresh air.


Day 1 – see what I mean? It needed something. Maybe a soup tureen with the Asparagus soup. I didn’t have Sally to borrow from.


Day two. Much better. Pay no attention to the messy shelf behind the table. There’s only so much you can do with a blind woman.

Another thing about living/visiting in the woods is I rarely care what I look like.  I know many others of you may be saying I never care what I look like but when I used to have date nights I always tried to look nice.  When I went to work I think I wore mascara, until I got a tan then I left that off too, but here I look REALLY bad.  Clean, but bad.  After our luncheon, which no one dressed for, we’re not talking “luncheon” just lunch; anyway, after lunch I got a bath, then I got cold, then I wanted a fire, then I remembered that this firewood that someone brought mom doesn’t burn for shit (excuse my French) so I hopped in the car and went to search for fake firewood.  I realized half way thru the aisle at Food Lion how I looked.  I stopped for about ½ second embarrassed and then thought, WTF, I don’t know anyone and carried on with my mission.  Which I was successful with.

I remember a time when I was in high school and went into our Giant Eagle and saw my mom and dad shopping in the aisle. They both looked like they just walked in from the homeless shelter. When they saw me they both started laughing because they knew how bad they looked.  I know I used to run to Giant Eagle as well not looking my best but today I think I surpassed them.  The man in the front of me today at the checkout line, with no teeth, probably thought I looked okay.  It’s the country, I’m with my people.

Tomorrow we’re headed to Norie’s (the moss lady’s) for lunch.  More socializing.  I will attempt to look decent.  I have earrings.  I think I’ll wear them.  I have makeup too.  But I think I’ll still skip that.  She’s like a mom.  Mom’s don’t care if you wear mascara.

I’m liking the fact that I want to blog regularly again, even though it’s drivel but do you expect anything less (or more?) Drivel, it’s what I’m good at. Drivel is what you get.



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