My last night in Virginia…I can’t believe it.  The time has just flown by.  Usually I’m ready to go after a weekend stay but I wouldn’t mind staying another week.  It seems like we didn’t get nearly enough done,although we were social for sure which we don’t usually have time to do.  Today we went and got the flowers but with this unusually cold weather they are suggesting not to put them out until next week.  So I’ve planted most of them in their pots and left them on the porch for someone else to put out next week.  One of the pots that I put a flower in every year I noticed had this little squirmy thing in it.  Being used to the lizards of Florida I felt quite brave when I took the old pot out ready to replace it with the new one and have the little lizard run out.  But alas, it was NOT a lizard.  It was a snake.  I screamed and that was the end of that project.  Wayne (my mom’s helper) can put that plant out there next week.  I did go back later and the snake was gone but nevertheless….so much for my bravery.  The woods are great but there’s those other things you have to put up with, like snakes.  I just went outside to take pictures in the dark on the porch, kinda scary sounds in the woods here at night.  It’s just so dark. Well anyway, I’m sad to leave.  I’ve enjoyed my time here immensely and I really like this little room that I’ve been blogging in.  If I ever get a book idea I think I’ll do it here, in this house, in this room, at this desk.

Tomorrow I’m off to see my kids. I won’t see them until Wednesday but I will see those babies tomorrow.  Those babies are my GREAT nieces and nephews.  They are adorable and I love seeing them.  Hard to believe I’ll be gone ANOTHER week before going back to Florida.  I wonder how they are faring without me.  I hate to say it, although also glad to say it, but I think they do better without me there.  Makes me both happy and sad.  Phil took Jorden to the beach yesterday and they had great fun.  They went to a movie and probably out for ice cream every night.  Zenah has her own car and can come and go as she pleases, in her Mercedes.  Ya know?  I’m pretty sure they are having a great time without me. Oh well, good news, bad news.

Now we have to decide if we want to use up the firewood that I picked up around the yard for our last fire tonight.  It’s 60 degrees out.  Probably not the best temp for a fire but I really want to use up that wood. It’ll probably burn up in 10 minutes.  We can always open the doors for cool air.


See the firewood that I must burn? See the flowers that I bought? See how dark in the background…Oops – see that mop that I don’t know why is there.

IMG_0496 (1)

Mom’s last home-made meal. Tonight was another Quiche. Spinach, goat cheese and tomatoes. I used potatoes for the crust. Pretty darn good.

Off to Sewickley tomorrow.  I have a nice place to blog when I’m there too. The fun never stops.





4 Thoughts on “The party is half over..

  1. Scott monahan on April 12, 2016 at 2:53 am said:

    I’m sure you don’t mean the ‘Manley man desk’ in the man room…when you refer to writing your book somewhere? Hmmmmmm…..
    Hmmmmmm I tell you….gimme back my data too. Glad you all had fun!
    In spite of my personal loss of data and desk.

  2. Ja Nelly on April 13, 2016 at 9:54 am said:

    And what kind of flower was on the porch??? It is blooming beautifully!!!

  3. Will you be making a trip to a certain university while you are in SW PA?

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