Why are there snakes, lizards and bugs?  These are the three questions I will ask at the pearly gates if and when I get there.  I went to pick a gardenia, minding my own business, heard a slither which again I assumed was a lizard  but then the long black slinky body kept moving.  Lizards do not have long black slinky bodies.  They run quick and are gone.  Why is there a black long slinky bodied snake IN the gardenia hedge?  Needless to say I did not pick that gardenia, screamed and ran back into the house.  I stayed at the window to watch and could see his little head hanging there, still as a statue, waiting to see what “my” next move was going to be.  Meanwhile I’m inside the house so whatever the move it’s not going to affect him adversely right?  I think snakes know when you’re watching them.  I KNOW snakes know when you’re watching them.  I had a stare down with one at my mother’s one time.  I was on her porch and a very colorful, probably Copperhead snake, was slithering up the wall by her porch.  I told God’s creature that if kept on moving past us I would not grab the shovel and start swinging, so we had a little stare down with what I thought was an understanding. I went inside to get the camera (not the shovel) so I could document the event and during that time he slithered onto somewhere.  Could have been right into the house laughing at me the whole time for all I know, although I did not see him again so probably not.  Seriously I have no idea if I could kill a snake and I have no idea where a shovel is at any given moment anyway.  If they run when I get a camera I can’t imagine them sticking around for me to find a shovel.  The snake out front this morning I could see was little.  Doesn’t mean it won’t bite me but I think it’s probably one of those racer snakes which are very common down here and apparently welcome as they eat rodents.  This particular snake didn’t seem to be racing anywhere though.  After our little stare down I went to get my camera so I could have proof and send pics to Phil (and or to post on the blog) and the little dear had slithered on, just like my Copperhead at my moms..This snake today did not slither very far mind you as I could still make out a tail but it had moved on a smidge.  Moving a smidge is not characteristic of other black racers I have seen.  I think there is a nest in the hedges.


Do you see anything?

I had plans to go at least start my car (I’m having car issues) and maybe try to go to yoga.  I’m feeling like I should put on some long pants and boots and carry a machete just to get to the car.  We actually do have a machete somewhere. I moved it because I was afraid someone would break in and kill us with it. Now I wish I knew where I hid it.

I love Florida but I could so do without this wild life part of it. I like nature, but not so much reptiles. Give me some birds, some water life, you know dolphins and such (no sharks or alligators), I like deer in moderation but that’s about it.  Maybe this is why the snowbirds go back up north for the summer.  The snakes and lizards are kinda slow down here during the winter.  They seem to like the really hot temperatures and it’s already summer here.  I’ve seen more lizards recently than I’ve seen in the last two years. Probably has something to do with Global Warming.  Great.  I finally get to Florida and it becomes the jungle.

I’m sure there’s an online yoga program I can do, or maybe some water aerobics in the freezing cold pool, or maybe today should just be lyming day.  Maybe it’s a sign to go back to bed and wait for Phil to come home from work.  That’s it!!  It’s a sign to stay inside and go back to bed.  Far be it from me to ignore the signs.


3 Thoughts on “Why God Why?

  1. scott monahan on April 25, 2016 at 12:25 pm said:


  2. Barbara Buchwach on April 25, 2016 at 9:09 pm said:

    haha! You are funny. xo

  3. Ja Nelly on April 26, 2016 at 11:59 am said:

    Please, have a heart, don’t dis the snakes. I love the snakes! The spiders, you can have em!!! I run screaming like a banshee!!!

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