Thank God nothing is happening.  I know that it might seem to the naked eye that nothing is happening in my life and part of me feels that way too; but on further scrutinization there is a lot going on and I’m glad not to have more…at this time.

One thing I’ve been trying to do is unsubscribe from a lot of these junk emails.  You know when you want to look more at an ad for a pair of shoes and it makes you subscribe before you click on it, so you click on it and subscribe and then NEVER find those shoes again on that website.  And then that same website has 13 affiliates and they all start sending you emails.  Just because you wanted to look at one itty-bitty pair of shoes.  So I’m trying to unsubscribe.  I’ve noticed that it usually doesn’t work.  They keep sending you stuff.  But to unsubscribe in itself is a commitment.

This past weekend Phil and I went to Boca Grande, which is a little island a couple of hours south of here, and we visited with Cricket and her husband for a night/day.  A lovely place on the water and a great little town and of course there’s nothing like spending time with a friend you’ve had forever. We were talking about how having kids is just a blip in your life.  We were friends for years before kids, we were friends during kids (she lives in Colorado so you know distant friends) and here we are walking on the beach after kids are grown.  Kids, in relation to that perspective, aren’t that important.  HA!  But the reverse of that is our parents are sooo important because they’re the only people we know our entire lives.  Isn’t that a little weird to think about?  It’s like our kids don’t really know us.  They live with us for this brief period (if we’re lucky/or unlucky depending on your point of view) and then they’re off and we’re back to being who we were before.  It’s just one perspective on that subject and well, something to blog about.

Boca Grande

Crickie and Rick

So see?  That happened.  And well traveling takes packing and planning, driving and such so that’s not nothing.

My car is in the shop – as of last Wednesday.  It’s not as ugly as it COULD be…and then again I’m not getting everything fixed, but they’ve held it hostage waiting on a part.  I had to pay extra for expedited shipping to get it back in a week  (as opposed to 2 weeks) – hopefully I’ll have it this Wednesday.  But because of that I’m doing nothing.  I don’t have to pick up kids, I don’t have to take Jorden to some fast food place against every grain of everything I believe in because there are no options.  No rides, no nothing.  So that could be thought of as nothing’s happening, but I’m loving it.

HOWEVER, I spent the whole day, yes the WHOLE day, cleaning yesterday.  This house has a lot of dust – and well you know when you start working in those exploding corners (a phrase Sally M coined long ago) well those corners will suck you in for sure.  You look at these odds and ends and think first of all “what the heck is this” and then secondly “why am I keeping it? do i throw it away or put it back after I dust it incase I remember one day why I am keeping it? ”  I go 50/50 on that.  Keep..pitch.  I have these coffee cups that have been sitting behind the microwave that match dishes that I gave Jimmy that I’ve been meaning to get to him.  I just drove up North.  That probably would have been the time to take him the mugs that I’m sure he could care less about. They’re coffee mugs, not beer mugs.  But because they became such a staple in that corner I didn’t even think about it.  Now I’ve put them in a cupboard.  Chances are that’s where they’ll stay until the next move and then I’ll wonder, keep…pitch?

Today on this nothing day I’m going to make banana bread because the bananas are going bad.  I came to the computer to look up the banana bread recipe and I started looking at emails, which led to unsubscribing which lead to an email that I hesitated on. Henry Juntilla. I like this guy. I subscribed to him a long time ago.  Some little hotshot that seems to speak to me so often.  And today is no different.  I wasn’t even going to blog today because it just feels like nothing is happening but then look at all this nothing that I’m sharing.  I was going to repeat some of what he said in his blog but why bother.  He says it best.  You can read it here if you really want to see how I’m feeling.  When you Feel like Nothing is Happening

And on that note, I should get back to the subject at hand.  Banana Bread.  The real question is where is the recipe that I always make and why can’t I seem to find it? I can’t remember do I make the one with the cinnamon or the one with the vanilla?  I’m goin cinnamon.



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