Remember me?  I’m still here.  Busily cleaning up around the house.  I’m having friends, yes friends from up north, for breakfast on Friday so we are cleaning.  I’ve always said it’s good to invite people over once in a while to get things done around the house.  We’re having fun getting beautiful.  A pressure washer is my new favorite item.  It used to be electric hedge clippers.  After years of manually cutting my hedges in Fair Oaks I was given auto hedge clippers once and I thought I died and went to heaven.  I mean what a difference.  I’m sure the manual clippers helped my arm muscles more but OMG the difference.  So now I’m all about this pressure washer.  It cleans concrete, it cleans around the pool patio, it’s cleaned furniture, this one patio in the back was like black and now it looks like brand new brick.  Well anyway, I love it. I’m also planting a couple new flowers for the summer.  Spring is over.  We had some beautiful Hydrangeas in pots but they’ve outgrown the pots so I put them in the ground.  They don’t really grow this far south…too hot.  BUT we’ll see.  Maybe they’ll like it here.  I also repotted my Jade plant…again.  It is doing horribly.  I’m surprised it’s living at all.  I’m a terrible caretaker of it.  I put it back into it’s original pot, got new soil and I will try to be more attentive.  I mean everyday I look at it with love but maybe it needs Miracle gro instead.

So yesterday was mother’s day I hear.  Gone are the days when it was mandatory for my boys to spend the day with me.  I guess I traded the Grand Concourse for Florida. Zachary thinks it was a good trade-off (he gets out of having to spend the day with me) but I don’t know, I really really used to love mother’s day. Instead of the Grand Concourse I worked my butt off all day cleaning but was happy with how it looks (see above info re: pressure washer).  I did go to dinner with Phil and Jorden and we went to the new Captain America movie.  I really did like the movie.  I got a text from Zachary, text from Alyna that made me cry, text from Tashah even.  Both Zenah and Jimmy were MIA. I was the first one to call my mom so I got the star in that category anyway.  But really I’m happy for all those that had a nice Mother’s Day.  Really I am.

I’m watching The Voice now.  All these singers are so good, how will they pick one?  Did anyone watch the last Good Wife? I liked it.

I’ve got a lot going on this week in anticipation of my weekend vacation with the girls.  Tomorrow is my windshield replacement, I still gotta get those back brakes…maybe Wednesday..Thursday is carpet cleaning..and when will I get my hair cut?  I really want to do that this week.  Well, that’s it.  Busy busy.  After my vacation this weekend I’ll probably have much more time to blog.  Wonder what I’ll blog about.  I’ve been doing a bad job of these Artists Way exercises supposed to help with artistic blocks.  Like supposedly just journaling every morning for 3 pages is supposed to help with a breakthrough.  I guess you can tell it’s not working.  Maybe I need to go back to the book and see what else I should be doing.



One Thought on “Spring cleaning like agents of Shield

  1. Barbara Buchwach on May 10, 2016 at 9:18 am said:

    I miss you! By the way, power washing is one of my favorite things to do! lol

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