I’m so good.  I got up early-ish (early for me).  Made our smoothies, wrote my 3 pages in the journal, meditated, exercised, tried to bring a dead butterfly back to life (Reiki practice…okay he wasn’t Lazarus) and now I’m waiting to cool off before I jump in the shower.  So might as well blabber on my blog.

Here’s the update..my car is BACK in the shop…a different shop but none the less I’m carless again.  I took it in for the brakes which is just maintenance..you know every car needs brakes now and then – the car ran perfectly back and forth to the beach last weekend and it’s been running very smoothly and I can tell those other tires WERE bad since now it’s nice and smooth, but that stupid engine light came back on and they are stumped as to what is wrong.  So they have kept my car hostage.  I am trying to remain calm about it all – if it takes every last dime of mine (okay of Philips) and all of my credit then it’s God’s will because at this point I just don’t know what else to do about it.  It’s a GREAT car – I love it – so I will just hope for the best and trust that this issue is related to the last issue and once this is fixed I’ll be good to go forever…and ever..amen.

and oh on top of that?  We have to move.  Yep. Have.to.move.  The leasing company called Phil the other night and said the owners decided they want to sell the house.  No we do not want to buy it.  Alright fine, “I” don’t want to buy it. I think we can do much better for the price.  I mean there is a lot I love about this house – I mean it’s our house, except it’s not.  I’m projecting on my mental vision board a TRUE 4-5 bedroom house, a kitchen with room for more than one butt (we call our kitchen the one-butt kitchen), maybe a garage even?  a real master bedroom with our own bathroom with a real bathtub (right Sandy?) and walk in closets – maybe even his and her closets?  I mean I’m dreaming, why not.  Phil wants to be ON the water but I’ll be happy with closer to the water (more breezes) and I would still like to have a pool and a yard to putz in and of course a fenced in yard for the beast. I refuse to believe God hates me or us and instead choose to believe we will find a better place.  Just because we have had the rug pulled out from under us doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad thing.  We found this place didn’t we?  We’ll find another and maybe there won’t be a snake nest right in the front hedges (PHILIP!  I saw it peeking at me this morning) At least not for the first week. So I have reframed and I’m now looking forward to what we will find next.  I believe it’s going to be even better. Come on everyone believe with me!!!

Here’s one we’ve been looking at for a while.  Should I set up a go fund us page?  We only need a million – it’s a motivated seller!

That’s all for now.  I have to get on with my day.  Not sure what that entails since I still have no wheels.  But I’ll get on with it none the less.

Seize the day!



2 Thoughts on “Ready set move

  1. Diane on May 19, 2016 at 11:47 am said:

    I’m with you, Lynn. I believe!

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