I’m procrastinating.  My mind is obsessed with packing but actually doing it is another story. My goal is to get all of “my” stuff out of the way so Phil can decide what of “his” stuff we should keep – or keep all of it.  There isn’t a whole lot of “our” stuff but, but, on the other hand he would say it’s ALL “our” stuff.  But here’s the thing.  Okay not the thing but here’s a thing…there are boxes of stuff of “mine” that I’ve never even opened. I wouldn’t say kitchen stuff but still there are things.  Literally “things” that I’ve never used or even looked at.  Does that mean I don’t want them?  I don’t know what it means.  I have downsized how many times now since I sold that house in 2010.


all my belongings when I moved from the city to here. Not much there.

Then I upsized when I moved in with the Bakers.  Now I feel we must downsize again.  Why? Mainly because I don’t feel like packing it OR moving it.  Take for instance these glasses I just bought.  Just 2 weeks ago at Ross for $5.  Are they worth packing or do I just smash them in the recycling and buy more?  I mean they were only $5 and I feel they will break in the move (most of my stuff breaks anyway) so really do I even bother wrapping and packing?  I have a bunch of pictures that never made it onto the walls.  Half of them don’t have glass in them. I was thinking of taking them to Michael’s today and getting glass put back in all of them but shouldn’t I wait until after the move? Surely they will get broken again OR maybe I take them now and pick them up AFTER the move.  BUT who knows if we’ll have room for them in the new house anyway. And then what about that marble top buffet piece of mine that got broken in the move?  We’ve never replaced that marble.  How do I ask movers to move that?  Do I even keep it?  I’ll probably just put the pieces of marble in my car and piece it back together at the new location.  And then where do we put these boxes after they are packed now.  We don’t have anywhere to move to yet.  Philly is supposed to be getting a storage unit but I have a small car.  How am I going to get boxes TO the storage unit?  When I had that storage unit in Pittsburgh I could easily fit 5 or more bins in that Nissan.  Didn’t think of that when I bought my current car.  Didn’t think of that at all. And on top of that I’m back to job hunting.

Who knows when we will move anyway. I don’t want the place to look abandon while we are still living here.  The house may never sell.  Our next house might not be found until September.  So many decisions. Do you see why I don’t want to do anything?  I don’t even know where to start.  AND at any minute the car guy could call me to come back with the car so he can finish fixing it.

Life.  It sure keeps you guessing doesn’t it?  I mean seriously.  Right now I’m going into that kitchen and look again in those cabinets.  Keep. pitch. Goodwill.

God help me, seriously God, please help me.



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