I couldn’t take it anymore.  I took my tea over to sit at the beach and attempted to be meditative.  First I went too late in the morning so it’s much too hot; although always a nice breeze off the water.  However, I couldn’t take my eyes off the little ones.  I want their parent(s) to watch them better.  Last night coming home from my evening walk there was a two-year old (ish) chasing birds.  Cutest thing ever.  Not a care in the world and no parent.  He’s chasing them on the shore but also going into the water.  So I’m watching waiting to see if I have to save him when Dad finally comes running.  Then there was some commotion and I come to find out there’s some girl on the beach that has had too much to drink and throwing up all over herself and completely by herself (no friends.)  So the staff from Caddy’s is trying to find her friends and you know who is worried about her above all else?  The mom and dad of the 2-year-old chasing birds (and they don’t even know her, which makes them good people, but…)  At one point the little boy ran into the water and these men from the shore yelled “HEY” – I was perched in my life saving mode of course.  Then the dad left the throw up girl and got the kid.  Really.. I hate people.

Today there was no throw up girl but there was a bunch of women – maybe 5 – and equal amounts of kids – at least 4 under 5 years old.  The cutest little boy who seemed sturdy, probably 5, swimming around while all the women had their backs to him.  There was probably another woman on the beach keeping an eye on him but it was too stressful for me.  I had to leave. But not before I took a couple of sky pictures.

IMG_0966 IMG_0967

So instead of a beach day, I’ve decided to clean my apartment in anticipation of moving over to the little place.  Vicki, my neighbor in 112, moved out yesterday.  I went over and checked it out.  It’s really small but it makes me smile. The kitchen is new, the bathroom is new and the biggest selling point…TWO desks (and I think better internet connection.)  As you can imagine I spend a lot of time on this stinkin computer and here in unit 116 I am hunched over a coffee table that is not really the right height, leaning on my knees, well it’s less than ideal.  Not ergonomic in the least.  So I want those desks!!  One of them actually has a window that looks towards the water.  But the place is really small (and cute.)  The futon is chair size so only Donevan or Mya (anyone under 10) can come visit.  The bedroom is such that you have to walk sideways around the bed to get to the bathroom.  But but but, there is a large side deck for my chair. A desk, an outside chair, a new bathroom including bathtub and a new kitchen area.  What else do I need?  A home you say?  Apparently I lost that in the bet.

Oh sorry, I slipped into disgust.

So, I thought I’d clean this unit that I’m moving out of  which is like a glacial palace compared to the little place.  The glacial palace doesn’t make me smile so I know moving over there is the right thing to do.  I’m just waiting for the landlord to say when.  He wants to fix the closet.  Oh yea, there is “no” closet – but there’s an IKEA thing in there.  More reason to dump all my clothes. Who needs them at the beach?  I swear I wear the same 5 things all week long.

Speaking of purging – I got a bin out of storage that was marked Kitchen casseroles and without even looking in it I told my new neighbor to look through it and if she wanted anything for her new house to let me know.  She wrote back and said she’d take it all (I wasn’t home) Anyway, I thought I was going to throw up.  I didn’t know what was in there and I just gave it all to a complete stranger. I had texted Zachary (he is the one encouraging me to downsize) and said “what if my favorite thing was in there?” – his response “If your favorite thing in the whole world is a “thing” and you also don’t immediately know where your “favorite thing in the world” is, then you have other problems that can’t be solved with cookware.”  Love that kid.  Diane talked me into looking through the bin first before Vicki took it and I will admit I grabbed my grandmother’s gravy boat and a plate that I got from my x-sister in law from 1988 (it’s dated on the back)..sorry Zachary.. But then I was like…just take it.  Happy Housewarming. Vicki is moving into a house with her boyfriend.  I’m not saying a word.

Today my lunch plans got cancelled also a reason it’s turned to cleaning.  This place wasn’t really “clean” when I moved in so I’m not sure how much extra I’ll get into.  I don’t really like to clean but I do like a clean place.  And well there’s nothing wrong with leaving a place better than when you got there. (it’s taking all my strength..)

And really instead of cleaning I’m sitting here blogging.  I talk a good game.  We’ll see if I do anything.  I’ll keep you posted.

On a final note, I can’t help thinking about my bitching about parents watching their kids and the alligator incident in Orlando yesterday.  My comments are not at all related to what happened there, not remotely.  I can’t even put into words how mortified I am thinking about the parents that tried to rescue him. My heart goes out to everyone in Orlando this weekend.  It’s like chaos has erupted over there.  It’s more than tragic.  Certainly puts life into perspective.

I’m a very fortunate soul. I have no problems. Chasing birds and looking at skies.



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