I’m in.  Injury and all I dragged my sh*t over here, hobbling, two handfuls at a time, wearing the fitbit, and added 6000+ steps to my day.  Keep in mind there are 38 steps door to door.  So how many trips is that?  I loaded up on Advil and it got me through. Although admittedly I burst into tears when I got the last of it over here.  Only two weeks in the other place and I accumulated that much. Amazing. I almost forgot the food in the fridge. That added three more trips.

So the tears, well this place is small and before things are put away it’s even smaller.  I’ll cut to the end of the story though and let you all know that now I love it.  But I was wanting to move back to Pittsburgh yesterday. I mean big big tears.  First of all I hate moving.  Before I bought my house in Fair Oaks I moved every few years. After my house where I lived 15 long lovely years, I believe I’ve moved 7 times.  That’s since 2010.  I’m tired of moving.  I’m tired of losing things. I’m tired of the expense.  I’m just tired, and I was limping and it hurt.  So that said I think tears were appropriate.  Plus it makes a BIG difference when you don’t really want to move.  I did want to move into this little place though, although yesterday I sure was questioning that.  I was questioning existence period.  In particular, mine.

But, as reported, after I put as much as I could away I snuggled on my two-seater futon and watched TV — leg up. Not hugely comfortable but I’ll find my spot and add some pillows.  I slept in the little full size bed just fine.  Two weeks ago I was in a King, last two weeks I was in a Queen and now I’m in a full.  Guess if I end up at my mom’s I might have to take the twin bed in the den just because.

Because of the bum leg I couldn’t do Sea Turtle tracking today. I’m going to guess that’s off for at least a week.  And I believe I need to follow the advice of all my advisors and stay off of it for a little, rest, ice, elevate, and exercise.  I will probably limp over to the beach later.  Last night as tired as I was I walked outside and it was such a beautiful night.  I weighed the consequences of going to the beach on the injured leg and I decided screw it and dragged it over for a night-time look at the Gulf.  It’s summer and it’s hot but I do love it here.  LOVE it.  And now I might be like 130 steps to the beach.

I told my landlord that I was going to write a book in this little unit (it has a desk) so he emails me today and tells me it’s time for me to scribe.  My biggest supporter.  I usually get inspired after a walk but since I can’t walk I will have to look for inspiration elsewhere.  Such as sitting reading my Southern Living magazine.  I looked at it after I ate breakfast, so you wouldn’t think I’d be hungry, but every food article made me want to go to that place or go get ice cream.  So my morning inspiration based on Southern Living,  tells me to travel the Gulf coast from northern Florida, panhandle area, to New Orleans and I’m going to eat Oysters all along the way, and blog about it.  I do like Oysters.  Does that sound like a money-making venture?  Anybody want to support that? Should I set up a Go Fund me page?  Well, after I win the lottery I’m doing it.  #1 bucket  list.  I really don’t have anything else on my bucket list.  Maybe being a Grandma.  I know I know I said I wanted to wait, and I’m fine with waiting, but I can tell from my friends and family there is something magical about being a grandma.  So I just want to experience it someday before I die.  #2 on the bucket list, being a Grandma…right after the Oyster trip.

Here are some pictures of my new place.


Welcome..no place for my Starfish. ..yet. Do I put my own nail in the door?


View from my morning chair sitting


Ooops – and there goes a cloud – see it?


My side deck. Lots of room.


Where I spent the night curled up. It looks like a sick person was there doesn’t it with all those blankets? But no it’s only cold because of air conditioning. If you turn it down too much it’s hot, then it’s cold. I prefer cold and just get a blanket. And I walk outside a lot to get away from it.


This is the view from the window where I will make my fortune as a writer. You can sort of see the water. Should I ask the neighbors at the end of the street to cut back their trees? Let them know they’re impeding the writing flow?

There are many things I can do to spruce up the joint…but I need to wait and see how long I’m staying, and wait for a paycheck.  I was very doubtful yesterday about my new digs but today, sitting here looking out this window, listening to my music, sitting at this desk which is almost comfortable I’m feeling empowered.  But not quite yet inspired; which can only mean to go outside. In lieu of a walk on the beach, ice, feet up, take the little boom box, the magazine and if I’m really stuck read some more of Middlemarch.

Better get to it.  It is my work and all.



5 Thoughts on “Ready, set, write..

  1. Debbie Monahan on June 21, 2016 at 10:41 pm said:

    Good to hear your settling in. Take care of that foot! You need to get back on the beach to take a walk and soak up the salty air. Love the pictures and can’t wait to read that book! 😎

  2. Ja Nelly on June 22, 2016 at 10:09 am said:

    Your place is adorable! I have no doubt the inspiration will come! 🙂

  3. Barbara Buchwach on June 23, 2016 at 2:59 pm said:

    I think it is really cute! I love reading your stuff! xo

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