I might be counting today as officially Day 1 of Finally Florida part deux.  I know it’s been a couple of weeks but I think perhaps the last 20 days have been the transition days.  The tweener days.  Why is today Day 1?  I will tell you (it is a blog after all)

I went to the house for some of the little shit things that I asked Phil to gather for me.  I had asked only for things that I brought from Pittsburgh, nothing more.  Mostly the little shit that just adds up if you have to keep buying, i.e. throw rugs, lamps, over door hooks, plastic bins…I mean little shit but when you start rebuying all that stuff it really adds up and I wasn’t about to buy it again.  So he started gathering it all up.  He even gathered stuff I forgot about.  I can’t tell you how comforting those familiar things are, especially now.

Zachary and I have this discussion, and a bit of a disagreement of the importance of our “things.”  I think our things bring us comfort and this was confirmed for me today when I saw that World Globe that used to be in the kids (my kids) room, a cabinet that Jean gave me for my wedding in 1982 (remember that Di?) Diane used it for a while.  That cabinet has been around. I did not bring those things with me here but just seeing them made me smile.   The bathroom rugs that I bought when I had my little apartment in the city and made the boys take off their shoes and step on them so they could see how soft they were.  They are still soft!  Best $7 purchase ever! And I did bring those here. I’m not going to say I cried, mostly because I did not cry, but I am very very happy to have my things around me.  I feel at home.  I feel like myself, I feel like I’m starting over with my familiar surroundings.  Even without my furniture, but this place is no place for my furniture.  Someday, maybe, I will get settled again and then I’ll get my furniture in there and unpack the other 30 boxes in storage, but for now, in 112, 150 steps from the beach, I am feeling at home and feeling like today is the official beginning. I also returned the house key.  And I did not cry.

I’ve got just about everything put away.  I made use of that under bed storage and above the cabinet storage.  I used to have pretty things on top of my cabinets but now it’s just stuff that would typically get shoved in a closet, and I’m good with it!  I’ve come so far haven’t I?  I need to get one more over the door hook for bathing suit type items. Those items should take precedent over the dresses that don’t fit in the wardrobe but I need to keep the dresses under the guise that I will one day need them again for work.  I don’t know though, maybe I’ll roll them up in a ball and shove them under the bed. Take that world.  I’m feeling feisty.

Yesterday after finishing my Southern Living magazine I was inspired to start a farm growing native grasses and flowers, then I decided to buy myself an abandoned 1920’s cottage on a river or lake somewhere and rehab it, where I would make all the recipes, especially the desserts. I would keep the house small but spend money on upgrades (as the magazine taught me.)  I also want to be a container expert.  I love the great big flower containers featured monthly in this magazine.  I’ve decided that the container option is probably the most attainable at this juncture and I have room for one outside.  One thing for sure is I want to stay in the South.  Except when I want to be up North.

Well some things never change.  I’m full of possibilities without a clue to what the hell I’m doing.  Seems like a good time to limp over to the beach.





One Thought on “It’s the first day, again, of the rest of my life

  1. Barbara Buchwach on June 23, 2016 at 9:41 am said:

    You know, I’m excited for you. You are at a place that you always yearned to be. It’s a new beginning. xo

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