And here we are.  It’s Friday.  Let’s see what do I have to share….My leg is better although I’m not doing any real walking, no Fitbit walking, but I did go over to the beach yesterday. Walking on the sand is much better than walking on hard ground.  It’s a little better everyday.  I think next week I’ll try walking on the beach again.  We’ll see.

I’ve fixed up the place a little more.  I hung some wind chimes out side.  Had to pull out the tools to put a hook in.  Standing on a chair, banging away with my little tools but I got it up.  Also put a nail in the door so I could hang my starfish again.  See?


And I added some new placemats.


These placemats were probably my largest expense since moving in

So yesterday I went to the beach.  It is soooo hot but I thought maybe the salt water would help the leg.  I don’t know that it did but here are some views.


This photo doesn’t do the view justice. It makes it look like it was far away when really it was steps between me and those umbrellas. It was so beautiful it took my breath away (see no crying). White sand, red umbrellas and the water was crystal clear. Unbelievable. And that boat was sooo close to the shore.


My very first day here, back on June 3, I saw this person.  I mean it’s just hard not to smirk loudly.  You have to zoom in.  Apparently he is a local.


Click on it and zoom in


keep clicking and zooming

Well anyway, quite a character.

I apply for a job every day and/or I’ll talk with someone every day looking for leads. What I’m not doing is worrying about it.  If I spend time worrying I will not enjoy the days I have here and I would always look back and wonder why I didn’t relax and sit by the beach while I had the opportunity. So that is what I’m doing. I’m enjoying being. Now do I hope I continue here?  Yes I do.  Do I hope that I’ll be sitting here writing/finishing my book in the fall?  Yes I do. But I don’t know that the world has that in store for me.  I could very well be living in New Orleans (but probably not) or eating Oysters on the panhandle. You could say (or “I” could say) I feel beat up, or maybe beaten down and have given up, which is half true. What I’ve given up is an expected outcome. I’m not giving up trying, I’m just not worrying about the outcome. It’s a good feeling.  A very calming feeling. Ommmmmm

And now, I think I’m going to take myself to Old Navy because I have a $20 credit and I need a new sundress for a Sunset Cruise that Stephanie is treating me to tomorrow night for my birthday. And for $20 at Old Navy that could be two dresses (on a good day.) Then I’m going to swing by Walmart for a broom and a toilet bowl brush. Are you jealous?

Life is good,


PS – After publishing this post I checked my email and I have a $50 credit at Old Navy.  See?  Life is just too damn good 🙂 – Could a job offer be far behind?

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  1. Ja Nelly on June 24, 2016 at 8:05 pm said:

    OMG your “local” is hilarious! I’m guessing she-male????

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