Literally it’s crunch time and mid summer heat time.  Days are 90+, nights are 80.  I love the warm nights, as long as I can sleep, but it is a little odd breaking out in a sweat when walking in the evening after the sun goes down.  But I’m not gonna lie, I still say I love it all the time.  I don’t love sweating but I just love it.

The crunch time? My landlord texted me today and asked me if I plan on staying after July.  How can I answer that when I have no income?  I’ll tell you how I answered.  First I asked him a couple of questions and he told me he’s getting a lot of inquiries on “my” place.  Bastards.  So I told him to tell them to go away and I plan on staying until December. So a job, a book deal, or lottery winnings would come in handy any day now.  Any day.  All those good thoughts you all gave me when I was moving out, if you could just apply those same good thoughts to now I’d be grateful, as would those that will have to support me if I don’t get that income.

I just spent two hours filling out one stinkin online application.  Honest to god, they think these online resume systems are helpful but they never line up the city with the job title and all that other info. It’s a pain.  But I’m on it.  Zachary is right, crunch time is helpful for motivation.

The weekend was lovely.  I had a lovely Saturday afternoon with N.A. (North Allegheny) friends in the afternoon and then a beautiful sunset cruise in the evening.  Pictures below are from the cruise.  I need to do one of those cruises again.  It’s a great evening at a very reasonable cost (free to me, thanks Stephanie).  I even went and hung out at Stephanie’s neighborhood bar.  Look at me.  I even talked to people, like friends.  Ya know?  What’s next? A corner stool for me? John Munizza has nothing on me.

I wonder how many people read this that have no idea who these people are or all these inside jokes. Feel free to ask any questions.  It could be fodder for a blog another day.

Mary Cute cancelled on me for the third time today.  However, she is allowed as she hasn’t felt good.  I believe her. But I have all this chicken salad so if Stephanie doesn’t cancel I’m going to have my first dinner guest(s).  Getting ready is pretty easy in a 400 sq. ft. apt. Maybe I’ll sit out in the sun and wait for her.

Here’s some weekend pics:


a bunch of birds – very cool birds


me and steph

me and Steph


Me and Lori


Sunset sizzle


sunset to the east

And then just for the heck of it, here’s a couple of pictures from Sunday night’s sunset.  It was an exceptionally beautiful night:

IMG_1053 IMG_1063



One Thought on “The Heat is on

  1. Debbie Monahan on June 29, 2016 at 11:40 am said:

    Looking forward to hearing about the new job that is surly on its way…and if not…something always prevails. Until then, enjoy life and sunshine. Your dreams are still unfolding and I know you will find your way. Love the pictures and I think the apartment is cozy. When you think about it, who needs the space just to clutter it up. 😜. 😍

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