I’ve met some neighbors!  Now I know three neighbors and a dog.  Plus the landlord who is sometimes a neighbor as he’ll come to the beach on the weekends with his kids. So that’s like 3 ½ and a dog.  AND get this, I remember everyone’s name.  There’s T.J., Matty, Eric, and Scott and the dog’s name is Milo.  They are all residents and one of them is on the civic committee and Matty is on Turtle Trackers.  I am on Turtle Trackers too!  Could this not be a sign? No, I’m done with signs. It is nice to meet some neighbors and they are nice!!  I lived in Palm Harbor for 2 years and never met the neighbors so another sign.  Oh right, I’m not looking at signs.

I learned that Treasure Island, which is where I live, is part of Clearwater Beach.  Not part of St. Pete Beach.  We are the most southern tip of Clearwater Beach. The turtle tracker group both me and my neighbor are on takes place in St. Pete Beach.  We are much closer to St. Pete beaches than Clearwater. For instance Clearwater Beach proper is now 18 miles from me, a good hour drive with traffic.  St. Pete Beach is 3 miles.  So there you go.  I’m learning more and more all the time.

I also am gearing up for the 4th weekend.  There are sand sculptures going up and lots of activity. On the 4th I understand I am right in the middle of two fireworks displays – each one less than a mile from where I’ll be sitting, on the beach, perhaps with my new neighbors?  I love fireworks.  I was also warned that starting today if I move my car I probably won’t get my parking place back when I return.  So, I guess if I have to go anywhere I’ll wait until dark and hit up a 24 hour Walmart if I need to.  My Publix closes at 9:00 p.m. NINE! What grocery story closes at nine? Perhaps I could use the chair method to save my spot.  My new neighbor BFF told me that people could care less that there is a sign that says “no parking, resident only.”

Another thing I’m learning is that my hair does not like being this close to the beach. Hair cuts are no longer in the budget  I’m thinking a lot of clips until I can get it in a pony tail again.  Pony tails are beachy.

Not able to walk yet (or I would walk to Publix and not lose my parking spot) but the more I’m off the leg the better it gets. It’s making me crazy.  I did walk across the street just now and got pictures of the sand art for the blog (and now need to ice it.) I did little roving reporter as well. I found out that the sand artist is self-taught. She does not have an art degree just saw someone else doing it once and said she wanted to do that.  I mean, …really….can it be that easy?  Check it out:

IMG_1077 IMG_1080IMG_1078

And then I went and talked to the cute chair/umbrella rental dude (if only I was 20 years younger) and found out that the chairs and umbrellas are free, donation only.  He said it’s whatever it’s worth to you. I wonder how much they typically get.  I always take my own chair over but it’s an option, especially the umbrella part.  I’m just learning so much about my neighborhood.

Stephanie gave me my “how to get a job” pep talk this morning and she did a good job of motivating me.  Not that I’m not motivated.  I am still foolishly holding out for a job that I want.  There are quite a few that look good to me.  Okay maybe not quite a few but more than one, maybe two.  The bum leg is limiting the waitressing option or on-my-feet options so it’s going to have to be office work.

Or maybe the lottery.  I will try that artist’s method and decide I want to win the lottery.  Not a huge jackpot.  A couple million should suit me just fine.  I’ve decided. So be it.

That’s it friends.  I hope you all have good weather, good hotdogs and great fireworks on Monday. I will try to take pictures of my fireworks.  I’m so excited.




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  1. Ja Nelly on July 1, 2016 at 2:38 pm said:

    That sand sculpture rocks!! Enjoy your fireworks!! 🙂

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