I’ve started watching Game of Thrones.  I’m a little late to the “fold” but better late than never.  After the first three episodes I didn’t know if I could get through it.  An awful lot of chopping of heads and spearing eyeballs and what not – but the more I watch the more I see there is more to it than that and I’m starting to get sucked into the story.  I’m only up to episode 8 of Season 1.  If it wasn’t past 2 am when I was done with 8 I might have finished the first season.  However, now I have something to do today. I’m not sure how I feel about being desensitized enough to watch it.  Could Game of Thrones be the downfall of our society?  If so I want to be on board!  I’ll go down with the ship.

I have to watch Game of Thrones because the rest of my shows are over.  I finished Bloodline. And as you know I’ve been watching The Americans.  So get this….I finish with Season 3 – like really good ending and curl up last night for Season 4 and now all the sudden Amazon Prime wants me to PAY for Season 4.  WTF?  I mean seriously WTF?  It’s a dirty nasty trick on their part and I’m half tempted to yank my membership.  But instead I will probably just wait and pay the fee after I get a job. I tried to watch the finale of Outlander.  Now that’s been postponed for another week too.  So that left me with the only alternative Game of Thrones.

I seem to be a semi creature of habit these days.  I don’t sleep much at night which just started recently, so therefore I don’t get up until the morning is pretty much over, I check emails and stuff, apply for jobs, write or blog but that TV rarely if ever comes on before 8 pm.  There is absolutely nothing on in the summer time which is why I’m watching these other shows.  It’s a job in itself to figure out what to watch and then pace it out to get me through the nights.

I was able to walk yesterday.  I put on tennis shoes which helped immensely and so I went for a walk with my neighbor.  Today, it hurts, with and without tennis shoes. Since it’s a holiday I might break my routine and curl up and watch a couple Games of Thrones now.

Wait a minute... I wonder, I just wonder, if the way I sit watching these TV shows has either caused this pain or at the very least is aggravating it.  See?  This is why I write.  So I can figure things out.  It makes sense that it could be the way I’m sitting on that 2 seater chair.  I shall turn the chair and try sitting a different way.  I lead such an exciting life!

Thanks for helping me figure this out. And with that I shall say Happy 4th of July to those far and near and…Go America.


One Thought on “Waiting for Fireworks

  1. Jennifer on July 4, 2016 at 6:16 pm said:

    Broad Church is good on Netflix if you haven’t watched that yet. I started reading Game of Thrones when pregnant with Haley YEP … 20 years ago. Never watched til this season as there isn’t a book yet. It is VERY well done. (Books are still better)

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