I did/am doing 2 things today that I don’t usually do.  Blogging on a Saturday is one of them.  Originally I had made the commitment to not blog on the weekends but I’m in a totally different place now aren’t I?  Emotionally, physically and geographically.  Plus to quote Granny from Downton Abbey, “what is a week-end”? My days are all the same now.  I like it. It means I can do laundry on Friday if I want (which I did this week) or even Wednesday if I really feel like going crazy.  I can sleep in on Saturday OR Tuesday.  I mean the options are endless. And I can blog on the weekend if I feel like it. And today I feel like it!

I did some beach sitting today.  I don’t usually do that on the week-end either. But I didn’t know what else to do with myself.  There are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of other people who are there on the weekend.  I didn’t even attempt to read today.  I just plugged in my headphones. I didn’t wear a hat or sunglasses most of the day.  I wanted to fill in some of those tan lines. I’m just breaking all kinds of rules.  Anyway, all was well and enjoyable until these people decided to set up their tent, including tons of baby shit, within inches of my chair.  Literally inches.  It was really unbelievable and it was my clue to leave.  I’d been there hours anyway.  I decided it was time for a new book.  I have been struggling about a year trying to get through Middlemarch.  I do like it but it’s not the kind of book that keeps you up at night or even the kind you “want” to read.  I’m sorry.  I’ll get through it I know I will, but I need a page turner.

So home I came to shower off the sand and hit the library.  Honest to god (small “g”) that library is always closed.  Closes at 2:00.  WHO closes at 2:00?  I was pissed so I went shopping.  Like I need more shit.  But my hair dresser just had a baby boy and I desperately need my hair cut (I’ll charge it) and so got her something for that baby.  And now I’m waiting for sunset.  I asked my neighbor if she wanted to go to Ka Tiki’s after sunset for a drink.  I mean I’m just feeling so bold.  But she declined.  I also changed my mind when I found out it’s disco night there.  But anyway, I asked.  Even asking is a big move on my part.  My neighbor and I are doing our first Turtle nest sit tomorrow night.  I don’t think she wanted to be out two nights in a row. We have to stay at the nest until midnight.  We start at sunset, sit until midnight in the dark, checking the nest every 15-30 minutes, using only a red flashlight, to see if the little darlings are starting to come out.  They hatch while the sand is still warm and are guided by the stars and the moonlight to the water.  Apparently they don’t usually hatch in the middle of the night because the sand temperature drops just enough to deter them. But I’m sure there are exceptions.  Anyway, that’s our job. She’s a veteran at it so I will follow her lead.  In the dark, on the beach.  Hopefully it won’t rain.

And the second thing I did today (although I think we are way past 2 things that I don’t usually do) I measured myself, you know took my measurements.  LOL!  I know I know, stupid.  I don’t like to weigh myself because I don’t feel it’s a good indication of anything and it only serves to depress you but you can lose inches and that is always uplifting.  So here’s the funny thing…My chest, waist, gut and hips are all the same size. HA!  It’s so pathetic it’s hilarious. I even laughed about it (which is why it’s on here and I didn’t slit my wrists).  I mean seriously, isn’t that funny?  I’m confident by Christmas there will be a change.  I’m using to dreaming, why not?

It’s close enough to sunset that I’m going to head over early.  Maybe I’ll just people watch.  It’ll remind me of the good ole days sitting on Beaver street watching Leo Degori (and John Munizza) drive back and forth all night.

Ta ta for now,


One Thought on “What is a week-end?

  1. Barbara Buchwach on July 10, 2016 at 10:10 pm said:

    haha. You make me laugh at some of the things you say! Yes, your “measurements” ARE funny…mainly because I think mine are the same too! We may not have the bodies anymore, but hey, we are much wiser…xo

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