I don’t know anyone that’s had more life upheavals in their life than me.  Well maybe my little sister.  Nope, on second thought I still win. Larry once said to me it’s like I’ve had all these different lives. And now I have two more to add.  I still have an extremely hard time processing that 3 years with the Bakers is over.  I mean just over.  It’s so weird.  But that’s another life to add to the past, the past.

And here I am on life number 374 living at the beach, alone.  Alone is not new.  At the beach, in Florida is new.  I have new friends and new things to do.  Date night has been replaced with waiting by the phone for Stephanie to come home on the weekends so we can go to dinner on Friday night.  I guess she’s my date now.  She introduced me to Theresa, another Pittsburgher, that goes back and forth between her place up north and down here on Pass-a-Grille. Theresa and I have been hanging out this week.  I love friends. Last night I met a new person who was a heck of a lot of fun and reconnected with Debbie who I haven’t seen in 30 years.  But really it’s fun meeting new people. They’ve all been living at the beach for years.  I also have my neighbor who I usually do something with every day, whether it’s walking on the beach, or yesterday I went to her house where she does her glass artwork and told her that I want to make something.  So she’s going to help me make a fused glass project.  I decided on a mirror. I was going to get mine out of storage but I thought, heck why not MAKE one?  Ya know?  My neighbor has this bin of glass stuff she was throwing out for whatever reason, damaged or not selling.  So look at my new “stuff” from her throw away pile:

IMG_1214 IMG_1216


Who doesn’t need a little dish for little stuff?


She also gave me the turtle pendant because we’re turtle watchers!!. I just have to get up to storage and find a chain for him in my jewelry box. Why don’t I use that chain in the picture you ask?  Hmmm, perhaps I will.


So these teeny seashells were here under the table and this little dish is perfect so they don’t keep getting lost. It has holes in it so when it rains (this is outside on my deck) the water just goes right through and it’s a pretty place for the tiny shells.

I’m not gonna lie, I miss Freddie and Frances and Dave.  I don’t know why Philip gets the house, kids, dog, debit card, AND ornaments but now, thanks to the throw out pile,  I have:


He needs a name. I thought of Freddie the Fish but since my Flamingo is named Fred it seemed redundant. He needs his own identity.

For the umpteenth time I am rebuilding my life again. Thankful for old and new friends. Both the human kind and the decorative kind. I will get another Flamingo someday.  I will rebuild slowly.

Tonight is a sunset party with the three of us Sewickley people (old friends) at Rick’s house back down in Pass-a-Grille. I spend a lot of time in Pass-a-Grille but I like my home being here on Sunset Beach.  At least this month.

Looking forward to the name suggestions for my fish.



7 Thoughts on “Fish naming day

  1. Peggy on July 30, 2016 at 2:36 pm said:

    Hi Lynnie!!! I love your fish…he’s adorable! How about Felix? Fernando? That’s assuming it’s a “he”. I think he looks like a he….I’m going with that.


  2. Ja Nelly on July 31, 2016 at 10:45 am said:

    Wait, wait, I think it’s a “he” too! I’m thinking Walter or Wally, perhaps, Domino- his two front teeth remind me of little dominos. Of course I like Argyle too! Let us know when he finally has a name! Ja Nel

  3. Ja Nelly on July 31, 2016 at 10:47 am said:

    BTW the stuff you made is awesome!

  4. Jan Ryan on August 1, 2016 at 8:30 am said:

    Lynny, you are a most resilient person. God love you!

    Looking at those teeth on the fish, How about Bucky for his/her name?

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