I’ve received such a good response to my fish naming blog that I must now put it to a vote.  I guess I could make up my own mind but it’ fun to play with all these gizmos on this blog.  So here are the names that I’ve received to date:  Felix, Fernando, Franklin, Walter, Wally, Argyle, Bucky, Domino, Kirby.  I assumed I would go with an “F” name for the fish; however, I think I need to mix it up. Go out of my comfort zone. Think out of the box.  I’ve narrowed it down to three.

Have I ever shared the Walter story?  Jimmy, in Utero, was named Walter.  I saw some movie in 1991 where I believe it was a single father who had a son named Walter. Walter, the 5-year-old actor in the movie, was adorable and it was at that moment that I had decided to name my unborn child, if it was a boy, Walter.  I think Molly was at the top of the list for girls names.  I don’t really remember that for sure.  But, I remember Walter. Everyone hated it. When my male son was born I told the doctor I wanted to name him Walter.  The doctor thought it was a grand name, one that you don’t hear that often; however, Walter’s stupid father quickly shot me down.  I don’t know why I gave him any say other than, well, he was (and still is) his father. I acquiesced.  I didn’t have another name so I picked Anthony because I thought it was a strong Italian name for my little Italian (1/2 Italian) boy. John wanted Jimmy but I thought “NO” be strong don’t let him have all the say.  Being Italian is one of those ethnicities where if you have even an unch of Italian you declare yourself Italian.  Knowing this I chose Anthony James Monahan. He was Tony for three days.  My friend Linda sent a bear with the name Tony on it.  HA!  Well anyway, it was my brother, another stupid male, that thought Jimmy Monahan (as Monahan was his last name at that point) sounded better than Tony Monahan – So I acquiesced again. I mean I acquiesced because I agreed with him. I didn’t really have an attachment to the name Anthony I just hadn’t picked another name other than Walter.  The end of the story is Jimmy became James Anthony Monahan. (his dad got his way after all) As of today he is James Anthony Monahan Munizza.  A truly grand name for a truly grand young man.  But I still think it should have been Walter.  He does look more and act more like a Jimmy but as cute as he is I think Walter would have suited him just fine.

It is for this reason that if I use the name Walter again it has to be for my very favorite something.  And something that won’t ever be left behind with another stupid boy (not that I will leave my fish to anyone.) Can you tell I’m having a man hating day?  Not for any particular reason, I don’t hate men. It’s just Monday. Anyway, for the reasons stated above, Walter does not make the top 3 choices.  Here are the top three.  I’m putting it out for a vote.

See?  Isn’t that fun?  A little blogging activity.  I thought I was set on Felix and then I thought Fernando is also so stinkin cute. Being who I am I could still change my mind even after the voting.  The only name that really is no good other than Walter is Argyle.  I don’t know what you were thinking Janelly.  I do like the name, Argyle, for a cat.  I will never have a cat though.

Thank you all for your input and as always your words of encouragement.  I’m doing just fine. Was out partying all weekend.  Seriously I kinda was.  I’m still a favorite friend as I’m always the driver.

Love and kisses and the fish and I appreciate your participation,

and Happy Birthday Sue!!!




3 Thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sue!!

  1. Ja Nelly on August 2, 2016 at 10:28 am said:

    I was thinking outside the box!!! Still like Walter, but understand your reasons for not going with that one. How about “Sunny the sunfish” He kinda looks like a sun fish…………….

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