Not that I want to promote more tourism to my beach but I swear to God (which is better than swearing “at” God which not surprisingly I have been doing more of lately, which is okay because He loves me unconditionally) …anyway, I swear to God that my beach, Sunset Beach on Treasure Island, is the most beautiful beach I’ve been to ever. (Sorry Steph)  I know those Pass-a-grille girls are partial to their beach and don’t get me wrong, Pass-a-grille is beautiful too, but “my” beach is better.  It’s better than Honeymoon Island, it’s better than Clearwater, I dare say it’s better than Siesta Key and Crandon Park (Crandon Park is in Miami) I love my beach.

For the last two days I’ve been floating.  I have a new term for it – FF.  My sister suggested I go float and fantasize so I thought hmmmm – FF.  Also could stand for Finally Florida or FFFF – finally floating and fantasizing in Florida? I’ve decided later today, after I sit a little more resting up from floating, I might do a “legend” of terms to post on my blog.  I mean if you’re new to the blog you might want to know who Zach or Jimmy is.  If you are reading blog posts from the past you might want to know what some of those terms meant. Like Lyming day or fuckwad.  Oh wait, I don’t think I ever used that fuckwad term on paper.  Anyway, now I can add FF to the terms.

When I first moved to my little beach place I would walk on the beach every day and I would come up with some idea to write about.  So then I would come in and write my book. Then, I hurt my leg. And then I couldn’t walk. And then I quit writing in the book. And then I started walking every day with my new BFF neighbor. Well today I decided I needed to get back to that walking and inspiration. I decided, spur of the moment, to act a little more like a resident, you know like a resident might decide mid-day to just take a break, like I did, like the resident that I am, and I walked over to that beach mid day – no chair, no cover up, no phone, no sunscreen (I put that on first) no bag or book.  Just a towel and a noodle. Actually as I watch my neighbors walk over to the beach they don’t even take towels. I put the towel down with my shoes, walked right into that Gulf of Mexico and floated for quite a while. After a long time I got out and walked a few miles, jiggly thighs and all.  I live at the beach, who the hell cares – I’m not the only one with jiggly thighs.  Besides if I keep it up they won’t be so jiggly for long.

Sooo, anyway, I walked by myself.  I was hoping for some inspiration to get back to the book.  But the only inspiration I came up with was to do a legend of terms for the blog.  An interesting and welcome aside here is that the temperature/sun was pleasant enough to walk. Usually mid day the last place you want to be is at the beach. Not today, it’s beautiful, at least it is in the water or sitting right beside it.

After my couple mile walk I went back in the water and floated some more.  I can’t tell you what I fantasized about mostly because I don’t remember. I think it might just have been about staying here at the beach indefinitely. Maybe a little bit about that handsome man on the beach playing with some kids.  He had silver hair. It’s my fantasy. They are his grandchildren. He just looks really good for his age.

The water is beautiful. It’s clear, it’s sparkly, it’s perfect temperature. I wore a hat and sunglasses because I also floated yesterday.  I’m worried about the skin you know.

Anyway, see the sparkles for yourself:


You really need to click on this and zoom in to see the sparkles

I need to keep myself preoccupied (or is it occupied without the pre?) until the Gods decide my fate.  I can’t think of a better way to keep myself occupied than floating (I do the online job searching at night – before I watch Game of Thrones – I just finished Season 4.)  Skin be damned I’m going to have to do this floating thing daily…oh wait, tomorrow is glass fusing day.  Okay then Friday. ..ooh, ooh, FFF – Friday float and fantasize.  (That inspiration can hit at anytime, see?) Fusing, then floating and fantasize.  What do all the F’s mean?  Anyone?

I will announce the fish naming winner on Friday as well. (another “F” word, what the..?)  I know you are all on pins and needles awaiting the results.  All 10 of you that voted.

In the meantime, stay occupied.


2 Thoughts on “F words

  1. Barbara Buchwach on August 4, 2016 at 10:02 am said:

    Actually Lynn, I fantasize about doing what you are doing. I get the most peace in my life when I am at the beach. You just need money and you will be set. xo

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