I know you’re all waiting on pins and needles for the Fish naming ceremony.  I will get to that in a minute.

So, first of all, it’s not an FFF (Friday Floating and Fantasizing day)


It’s a batten down the hatches day.

My morning started with the recycling garbage truck blowing its horn for about 15 minutes.  We have garbage pick up twice a week. On garbage day we have three different garbage trucks that come up our narrow streets.  Crack of dawn truck is the recycling, then we have a brush and weed and seed truck then we have the garbage-garbage truck. There are all kinds of rules about where the garbage cans can be placed which our landlord hasn’t really shared with us but since I’ve never had neighbors before I have just been putting it out there on the street.  Now, with neighbors, there is no room to put it anywhere because all the street spaces are taken up with my neighbors cars, motorcycle and this great big pick up truck who loves to leave his ass-end out in the street.  WELL, the recycling truck could not get by the ass-end of the pickup truck and they woke the entire neighborhood up blaring the horn.  I don’t blame them, they should be pissed and honking the horn.  The kid needs to park better but my entire morning was spent with garbage drama. Where to put the cans, who needs to move the cars, how many cars are we supposed to have, what are the rules, why do my neighbors have dogs when I was told that he is adamant about no pets. Should I get one too?

As far as the pet idea I’m going to say negatory, no, no never.  Although my new favorite saying from GOT (Game of Thrones) A lot can happen between now and never.  For now, I’ve got Dave back.  He was delivered the other night and PB tried to give me Fred back too.  I refused Fred and said you can NOT break up Fred and Frances. One break up is enough for those kids to handle, but I’ll take Dave.  Dave is very happy back with his mom.  These are the best kind of pets to have.  They don’t shed (although he’s peeling a little bit) I don’t have to feed him, no vet bills, no peeing or poop bags, no barking, no walks.  Although I may take him over later for sunset. You know, because, well he lives at the beach now too and that’s what we do.  Go to sunset.

IMG_1245IMG_1241 IMG_1242 IMG_1243

Also today I got to see my finished project from yesterday (almost finished -there’s some gluing and drying going on.) My glass fused mosaic mirror.  Dun-dada-daaaa.


I cut all the glass myself. I cut out the pieces for the black frame and I chipped up the little mosaic pieces. Pretty soon I’ll be buying a kiln.

Isn’t it beautiful?  Matty said she might make a couple to sell she’s so inspired.  I asked her if I could help, put me to work, please! So anyway, how fun is that?  She has this big beautiful mirror that she has made, really really heavy, and when I win the lottery I’m buying it.  It’s about $500.  But I’m totally buying it.  Well, not today, but after I win the lottery. Which will be any day now.  I can feel it.

Here is my next artsy crafty project.  I’m kinda into this fairy garden thing.


sort of a mash-up at the moment

It started in Virginia where I found all the fairy accessories.  Also in Virginia there is a lot of moss.  There is NO moss in Florida.  It’s too hot.  Although there is still some living (that I transported from Virginia) in my fairy garden above. So I need to transform this into a beach theme.  I have a good base but I need to add sand, a new palm tree, maybe some water out of glass beads, maybe some shells.  See what I’m saying?  I’m not exactly sure how to proceed. I have found some pictures on Pinterest and they are showing all kinds of holiday fairy gardens.  Like a Halloween one, a Thanksgiving one, etc.  I mean I can just see myself going crazy with this kind of thing.  It’s so me.

Here’s another “so me” thing.  I tend to change my mind…alot.  So when I say I can’t wait to buy a red dress and then I come home with green that’s me.  Or when I had my house I might say I wanted to paint my bedroom all white and blue and then I paint it pink. It’s like I think I know what I want and then at the last-minute I “pull the trigger” (as Jimmy says) and do something completely different.  With that in mind, here are the results of the fish naming voting:

36% voted for Bucky
18% voted for Kirby
1% Domino

and 36% voted for other.  Under “other” these were the write ins:


Although Bucky should be the clear winner and I thought at first too he looked like a Bucky, I’m going with Wally. See?  Crazy.  I mean after a day or so I said this fish is a Wally.  I know, I know, the big story about Walter blah blah but he is who he is and he’s a Wally.

The last show and tell picture for the day:


God visited last night. He said “no worries girlfriend, I’ve got you covered” – I believe him

That pretty much wraps it up for today.  Life is good!  I live at the beach..




6 Thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. Jan Ryan on August 5, 2016 at 3:52 pm said:

    Lynn, Your mosaic mirror is beautiful. Good job!

  2. Ja Nelly on August 5, 2016 at 4:02 pm said:

    I love the crafts! The mirror is great and so is the fairy thing…. live on….. the beach likes you!

  3. scott monahan on August 6, 2016 at 7:02 pm said:

    nice sunset but I’m never voting again. bucky is bucky. never again

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