I don’t know about you but I’m about sick of the rain.  I know I know I always say I love rainy days in Florida and I still mean it.  I just don’t like rainy weeks.  I had to print out some papers today and everything is soggy.  All the papers, everything is damp.  BUT the temperature is down so that’s a plus.  I have my windows open.  I had my door open but I was starting to get some very odd-looking bugs looking to get out of the rain as well. I’m hoping for a break in the activity so I can get a quick walk in. From the radar it doesn’t look hopeful.


See that faint blue dot? That’s me. It’s a slow-moving system. Good thing I got my floating and fantasizing in last week.

I really don’t have anything to say as usual I am just trying to keep up my writing practice and without being able to go outside I’m wasting time. I have a couple of pages in my book that I’m reading, The Weight of Water,  that I could finish. I have bills to pay that I’ve been really really procrastinating on.  I love paying my bills.  It means you have money to pay them.  Therein lies the problem presently.  But, that’s just boring mundane stuff.

I sat at a turtles nest last night.  I picked one down by Stephanie’s house thinking her and Theresa could sit with me. But I ended up sitting by myself, in my car. Stephie brought me ice cream, she’s a good friend. No turtles hatched. Her beach is really really secluded so it was a little creepy and it was dark due to the rainy cloudy night.  We are supposed to have these meteor showers this week so I’m hoping to get out on the beach some night to see it, turtles or not.  I just hope it stops raining.

Okay I’m even boring myself.  But look at how good my mirror looks on my wall:


Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting.  It’s garbage day again.  The garbage men never came back last Friday. Apparently when they get pissed they say screw it and don’t come down the street.  So NOONE on my street or the street beside mine got their garbage picked up last week because they were pissed at my neighbors big ass truck sticking out into the road.  It was so peaceful before my landlord rented out the other units.  Luckily I’m tucked out-of-the-way on the side and I have a small car. It doesn’t get much more exciting than this folks. Will or won’t we get our garbage picked up?  And the real question is who is going to drag it onto the street?  The old lady (in comparison) that lives in the side unit?  Or one of the 30-year-old strapping young men, one of who had a party yesterday and filled the garbage can to overflowing?  Who do YOU think should put the garbage can out?




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