Do you feel a little grown up when you do something by yourself?  Like this evening I went to the St. Pete gallery walk by myself.  I stopped to see a friend who has rented a studio to support her but I ventured out to a couple of other galleries on my own.  There are so many galleries to go to. I only went to 4.  Mostly because I was lost most of the time.  I got kind of turned around.  Plus I didn’t feel overly safe walking in these neighborhoods but I really didn’t mind being by myself.  I enjoyed the artwork – mostly clay.  I was hoping to find the glass studios but I couldn’t find them.  Earlier in the day I went to one of our neighborhood gallery’s with my neighbor where she displays her stuff and chatted it up with the owner.  Then we walked around Corey Avenue.  Next week is our big Shellabration, a fund-raiser to raise money for the Turtle trackers.  We actually got a lot of the information from one of the shop owners. Anyway, we are supposed to be volunteering for the event so I came home and registered to man a booth or tent next Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon I have my writing workshop!!  I need to write a little more before then so I can go there as if I’m a writer.  I need motivation.  Tomorrow is the day.  I think it’s supposed to be stormy.  Good day to stay in.

Well anyway, I felt a little like a grown-up doing this by myself.  But I also miss having a boyfriend for sure. It’s fun to do stuff with someone else.  I’m not gonna lie, I really miss that. I’ve been very busy with friends though.  It’s kind of odd (good odd) how immersed in my community I am already and how many people I know and recognize in such a short time. Volunteering helps with getting to know people as well.

My neighbor is threatening to let me help her in the glass studio while I have the time. I remember in Fair Oaks when I was in-between jobs I would go in the basement and start painting. I painted a lot of furniture in those days.  Some of the pieces were really cute.  I only have one piece left – my bar stool.  I’ve had to part with the rest because of all the moves.  Anyway, my point is it’s always good to do something creative in between lives. I also walk on the beach A LOT.  Which is good for the waistline.  You know what’s NOT good for the waist line?  Eating Dulce de leche ice cream with chocolate syrup for dinner, but sometimes you just don’t feel like any more cottage cheese and lettuce.  I’ll get back on track tomorrow.

I have finished watching Game of Thrones.  I am all caught up like the rest of the human race.  Although I still really don’t know who everyone’s parents are.  It’s very confusing.  I think Stephanie and I are going to start watching from the beginning again.  We have until next March or April to get through six seasons.

Has anybody seen the meteor showers?  It has been raining or cloud cover every night here since they started.  Tonight we are finally clear.  Now I have to wait for the moon to set.  So many obstacles.

That’s it for this Saturday night update. Still hangin in and hanging on.  Hope you all are too.




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