Here’s another reason I love Florida. I had an interview today at a staffing agency. Went in my old navy canvas dress, no panty hose, canvas shoes and threw on the white cover up I wear everywhere that is pretty tattered. They were in white jeans. They asked me to make a video chat piece Read More →

As predicted I have bounced back from my woe-is-me day. Typically I do or I would be living under a bridge by now….in Pittsburgh, perhaps the Birmingham Bridge as that is closest to my boy…wonder if he would bring me food…and blankets. Anyway, a beautiful day today. The sun is shining, it’s 75 beautiful degrees. Read More →

Now I’m pissed. Ya know, I am a pretty calm reasonable person…to a point. But once I reach that point that reasonableness goes to the back burner. Maybe I don’t mean reasonableness, maybe what I mean is gentleness. (Remember how Charlie P used to say to treat the faculty gently? – yea, and why?) So, Read More →

Orientation is over…it was painful. I had quite the furrowed brow going on trying to follow along. As Janice would say I had the eleven’s (think double lines in the forehead). I’ll just say this.. there were a lot of very competent mothers in attendance willing, begging, to help with communication. We introduced ourselves. Most Read More →

Have you ever wondered what you’d be like if you were in high school today? Not like knowing what you know now, but given your same circumstances how you’d fit in with today’s high school kids? Kids today don’t seem like kids at all. The girls in particular seem years beyond their age. At least Read More →

What a game eh?  I was seriously panicked as the Steelers were not being shown here in Tampa.  I don’t want to go to a sports bar as I like to watch the games alone.  I know, kinda weird.  But I really like to “watch” the game and if there are people around I get Read More →

And I’m ready for my weekend.  It was a short week but the weekend approaching always makes me excited.  Even though I’m not leaving the house everyday I’m still excited to have Phil home all weekend.  Saturdays I usually do absolutely nothing but lounge around with him, sometimes in the pool, or just sleeping late.  Read More →

Check me out.  I’ve been reading the Amazon tutorial this morning (on what is supposed to be Lyming day) on how to put advertising with Amazon on my page.  There’s all these gadgets called widgets.  I don’t want to junk up my site cause really I just like to ramble but this is fun to Read More →