I don’t know anyone that’s had more life upheavals in their life than me.  Well maybe my little sister.  Nope, on second thought I still win. Larry once said to me it’s like I’ve had all these different lives. And now I have two more to add.  I still have an extremely hard time processing that Read More →

I have been accused of having a “magical” mind.  It wasn’t a compliment.  I was told that things (i.e., money, jobs, life, etc) are not magical.  And yet….It appears that I will be here on Treasure Island, 150 steps from the beach, for yet another month.  I have magically been granted another stay.  I am Read More →

I did/am doing 2 things today that I don’t usually do.  Blogging on a Saturday is one of them.  Originally I had made the commitment to not blog on the weekends but I’m in a totally different place now aren’t I?  Emotionally, physically and geographically.  Plus to quote Granny from Downton Abbey, “what is a Read More →

Here’s another reason I love Florida. I had an interview today at a staffing agency. Went in my old navy canvas dress, no panty hose, canvas shoes and threw on the white cover up I wear everywhere that is pretty tattered. They were in white jeans. They asked me to make a video chat piece Read More →

I’ve started watching Game of Thrones.  I’m a little late to the “fold” but better late than never.  After the first three episodes I didn’t know if I could get through it.  An awful lot of chopping of heads and spearing eyeballs and what not – but the more I watch the more I see Read More →

I’ve met some neighbors!  Now I know three neighbors and a dog.  Plus the landlord who is sometimes a neighbor as he’ll come to the beach on the weekends with his kids. So that’s like 3 ½ and a dog.  AND get this, I remember everyone’s name.  There’s T.J., Matty, Eric, and Scott and the Read More →

Literally it’s crunch time and mid summer heat time.  Days are 90+, nights are 80.  I love the warm nights, as long as I can sleep, but it is a little odd breaking out in a sweat when walking in the evening after the sun goes down.  But I’m not gonna lie, I still say Read More →