Whosits and Whatsits

Finally Florida (.net) is a love story.  It’s a love story between me and my boyfriend, as well as a love story between me and my love of living in Florida.  The blog originally started as a way for me to keep in touch with those I left behind (friends and family) when I left Pittsburgh and moved to Florida with the Bakers.  It hasn’t evolved in audience much and is written as if my best friends are reading. However I have discovered along the way that there are others, that I’ve never met, following along with my adventures. So I’ve made this legend/key for those that aren’t familiar with names, places and terms.

Finally Florida was initially started June 3, 2014 on the free website WordPress and the address was https://finallyflorida.wordpress.com.  In September of 2014 I moved to a site that I now “own” called www.finallyflorida.net.  My original thought in switching sites was to try to make money on advertising.  After a dismal 2 months and total income of $40 I’ve pretty much given up that idea, although feel free to do an Amazon search from my landing page.  I just blog to blog because I like it.

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Michelle Pfeiffer, or should it be Meg Ryan, playing me.  OK, that is a total lie but there is a book in progress. If you are an agent or publisher please feel free to contact me.


Sewickley, PA (a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA) – Sewickley is my hometown.  It is a suburb of Pittsburgh.  I mention Pittsburgh and Sewickley a lot.

Palm Harbor, FL – original location of the initial move.

Virginia – where my mother lives and I visit often

PPU – Point Park University in Pittsburgh where I worked from 2006 – 2014

Hospice –  I worked as an office temp at Hospice for a brief period here in sunny Florida but I also volunteer at Hospice as a companion and Reiki practitioner with hospice patients.

CHARACTERS (some are more characters than other):

My children from birth:  Zachary/Zach (oldest) and Jimmy/Jim/Jimbo (youngest)

Family I moved  to Florida with:  The Bakers (Philip, Jorden, Zenah, Tashah, Alyna) and Sam the dog

PB – Philip Baker:  – Philip is the boyfriend who I moved to Florida with in 2014.
Terms of endearment include:
BF for Boyfriend
BBE– Best Boyfriend Ever

Friends and family:  Way too many to mention. Just assume if I mention someone’s name they are a friend.  There are many different pockets of friends.  I have hometown friends, I have work friends, I have college friends, I have North Hills friends and Florida friends.  I just know if I name names I’m going to forget someone very important.  You all know who you are and now readers are my friends too.


Lyming:  Lyming is a real term that means to take a break out of your day.  I use it often in the early posts.

ReikiReiki is a form of energy healing.  It is something that I learned as a volunteer with Hospice.

FF: Floating and fantasizing

Eff: Fuck or Fucker…


I often provide a link to a book, a past blog, a restaurant, or hotel.  If there is a link the word will be highlighted – it’s like a light green.  I would change that color if I knew how.  You can click on that highlighted word or phrase and it will take you to more information about that subject (book, past blog, restaurant, etc.) For instance I have linked several words on this page, i.e. the website addresses listed for the site, the words or phrase: Sewickley is my hometown; early posts and Reiki.

You are welcome to comment on any post and I will respond.  If you would like to contact me directly please click here: